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Friday, September 02, 2005

Silence is golden

...or at least, welcome. In the commentary box, I mean. In a short while from now, ladies and gents, we will have our informed, erudite, and oh so verbose, commentators back with us. Wish there was some way to get them, before they go mike testing one two three, to read this bit from the Richie Benaud exit interview:
At Trent Bridge you hardly needed to say anything. When we came on it was 18 runs to win, and we would simply go to the scoreboard. It doesn't matter on radio because you have to keep talking all the time, but as a TV commentator, you've got to be careful not to rattle away and give information that is totally superfluous to the situation. All that was needed was runs to win, 18, Australia need four wickets, and maybe an explanation that if England win then Australia have to win at The Oval to retain the Ashes. Michael Atherton made a very good remark about Ashley Giles having a chance to be a hero, but apart from that Atherton and I said nothing because the people back in their living rooms wouldn't want to be burdened with all kinds of chatter at that time. They had the picture on the screen and all they wanted to know was the situation. It's been said to me: "You and Atherton didn't say much in that last bit. Were you nervous?" No, we weren't. We were just being courteous to the viewers and making sure they knew precisely what the position was.


  • Am wondering when u get the time to catch some sleep!!

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 03:16  

  • Good Morning Prem. Great stuff by Benaud! Hopefully, Bond will not ruin the party for the Indians again, but it's always good to see our batters up against genuinely quick bowling. Kinda gives perspective to things...

    By Blogger mustt_mustt, at 03:25  

  • Do you think the ESPN guys are too verbose? Maybe, but better than the Maninders and Charus of the world who haunt us on DD.

    By Blogger ze rambler, at 05:42  

  • It seems you are all sold on talking minimum. While I agree commentator talking continuously can get irritating, as a viewer I also like hear the past greats dissecting flaws, technique, a bit of history. You know, plain old analysis. In fact one think I get irritated is the advtizes wiping out the analysis of previous over. All we get to hear is ball-to-ball summary.

    By Blogger Shailesh Mungikar, at 10:53  

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