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Friday, September 23, 2005

So the fix is in?

The BCCI AGM, I wake up after a hard day's night to find, has been postponed to November 30 (Neat timeline on Cricinfo).
Amicably. Very important point, that, do note. This year, Christmas has come early -- within the last seven days, Greg Chappell and Saurav Ganguly had amicably resolved their differences; Pawar and Mahindra/Dalmiya have amicably agreed to postpone a crucial meeting (the pot of amity would not have been sweetened, would it, by Pawar being roped into the marketing committee -- which is what makes all the deals, and hence the money?). Now all it remains is for India and Pakistan to shake hands amicably on Kashmir, and we are all set.
In this season of goodwill and light, I feel particularly dyspeptic. It could be because I was working till 5.30 am. Could be because of something I ate -- do you think I need a quart bottle of Gelusil? But... as confessed above... I feel particularly dyspeptic.
And probably because of that, I'd like to introduce a few sour notes into this season of sweetness, light, and all-round amity. Thus:
1. When the BCCI, at some expense, got all 30 of its voting members together in one luxurious place for the sole purpose of conducting the AGM, then postponed it simply because one side was not comfortable with the possible outcome, did it occur to said board that it will now double its expense? Oh but I forget - all this is paid for by you guys, who put your money in the BCCI tills and your butts in the seats, so why worry?
2. When the BCCI postponed its AGM, did it take into consideration the fact that per its own constitution and laws, the term of the current national selection committee has officially expired (or rather, will, on September 30?) And that this postponement, which suits the power brokers, leaves the team in a bit of a quandary -- the current committee cannot take long term decisions, and there is a tough tour or two coming up.
3. Did it occur to the BCCI -- which could, very easily since everyone was right there, have gone through the the election -- that its current executive committee, which has come to the end of its constitutional tenure (or will, come September 30) will shortly have to decide on the rather important issue of telecast rights? Hullo -- home series coming, remember, chaps?
4. Does it occur to you that the BCCI has now become a state within a state?
Even as the AGM gets underway the Dalmiya-Mahendra faction have filed a petition at the Calcutta High Court seeking its adjournment. Their argument is that the three observers appointed by the court do not have the right to overrule decisions made by the board president at least in the conduct of the AGM.

Wow! In other words, the court can, if it wants to, appoint a dummy observer to oversee the election of a dummy president? The B in BCCI wouldn't stand for bananarepublic, now would it?
The really fun part though is this: The Mahindra-Dalmiya group gets a crony to petition the courts in Kolkatta and get an observer appointed, to stymie the move by the TNCA to move the Chennai High Court; now the Mahindra-Dalmiya group moves the same court to say oy, no no, when we said observer, we meant just one (one is easier to 'control' than three, no?), who asked you to give us three? This, of course, would be the same Dalmiya who famously, the other day, spoke angrily about the tendency to rush to court.
There is one other small issue -- but will get to that in a bit; lemme try if a couple more Gelusil will help mitigate the effects of this 'amicable' business.


  • Prem, I asked the same questions in my post below!...I thought you will come with the answers ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 11:00  

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  • Prem....this part in the report "A resolution has been adopted by the House. All the members were agreeable except one member from the Rajasthan Cricket Association," said BCCI president Ranbir Singh Mahendra.

    "The resolution said all matters will be sorted amicably. The matters needing immediate attention will be given priority," he added.

    So what are these matters needing immediate attention? Can they be the questions you put down? And how would they be sorted without the selectors, or the executive committee in place??? Dalmiya and Pawar sit togther and agree on their share of the spoils??

    By Blogger worma, at 11:05  

  • Easy Prem,
    Dont want you to end up with ulcers!!!!The mockery of an organization that is BCCI is an autonomous organization, especially considering the recent court decisions pertianing to the television rights case, which means it is going to be run the way it is going to be run. Short of a boycott of cricket, what else do we do ? And however much I may hate BCCI and Jaggu baba, and mind you hate is a very sweet and "amicable" word, cricket is too much in my blood not to watch it!!!! I am too much of an addict to kick it now!!!
    Anyways, I had the same exact reaction to Worma reacting the leak!!! How the bloody hell do the press find out about a %^^%%^ private email? I wonder with hindsight being 20/20 does Chappel realy want this job anymore?
    Ah well not sure how much your "sources" can "leak" you the source of the "leak":)

    By Blogger KB, at 11:05  

  • Worma,
    you dont realy believe any of hte statements that the BCCI puts out? Really, the only urgent matters they are probably discussing are which 5 star hotel in India they havent stayed in, or what kind of food to order for the next board meeting!!!!The closest to matter of importance might be whose vote to buy and how much would it cost!!!!
    bloody politicians!!

    By Blogger KB, at 11:07  

  • yes kb, I think NO-ONE believes the BCCI statements..not even their mothers I think ;-)....but my point was...two warring factions came to an amicable postponement on what grounds? Something must have been agreed..whether they tell the world or not. So what is that? And it must be related to these imp matter which prem highlighted. They must have decided on how to settle these matters (tv rights, captaincy, selectors etc)

    By Blogger worma, at 11:15  

  • It's out in the open now. Check out -


    The gloves are off and only one man can survive this. My 2 cents is that something this big cannot be the fault of one man alone, and I must say I won't be too disappointed to see both of them go, though it just may happen that both stay (strange are the ways of the most high-profile cricketing board in the world). However, Chappell has only just begun and we must probably see what he can give us and if his 'walk' can justify his 'talk'. Nothing seems to be going right for Ganguly though and it is sad to see a once-great leader of men being reduced to this. It is not surprising though, because most fighters cannot walk away from a scrap. They usually end with a defeat rather than walk away with glory.

    I can understand Ganguly's perspective. I think he truly believes he's the one to lead the team out of its current slump. He's done it once and a man like Ganguly will always back himself to do it again. Such people see the world as believers and non-believers, winners and quitters, and there is no doubt what Ganguly considers himself to be (and I agree with him for the most part).

    However, our concern should be for Indian cricket and not its captain. I only hope the review committee makes an honest dcision with respect to both Ganguly and Chappell and more importantly that the team buys into it and rekindles the kind of spirit that led to the glorious 03-04 season.

    By Blogger Sudo Nima, at 11:17  

  • The BCCI's shenanigans are all very reminiscent of Nero and Rome.

    At the risk of drawing ire for mixing metaphors, Dalmiya is doing a fine job of killing the goose which has laid golden eggs for him.

    This has all gone beyond the pale now... time for the government or courts to step in, reconstitute the BCCI (perhaps under another name) and appoint professional management.

    Else, the future of the sport is doomed.

    By Blogger thirdman, at 11:23  

  • worma: The answers are in the questions themselves. What will likely be decided is to let the dust settle, then have an amicable election.
    Pawar will for the record contest (unless they go the whole hog, and Pawar withdraws in the larger interests of Indian cricket); Mahindra will win; everything will be right and tight -- and come September 2006, surprise, surprise, Pawar will contest yet again and, no surprise, win.
    In the meantime, in exchange for letting the Mahindra-Dalmiya faction control the ball for yet another year, Pawar has already been roped into the marketing committee (surprise, surprise, JD's sworn enemy IS Bindra was in a surprise move appointed to that same committee a couple months ago, even as they sacked N Srinivasan of the TNCA for daring to question Jaggu).
    The 'important decision' is a nice way of building a buffer of time -- everyone knows what weak memories Indian cricket fans have (I mean, how long did it take us to forget all the confusion of the *last* election)? So come November 30, when everything goes smooth, people will just shrug and go on with their business.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 11:29  

  • IMO Indian cricket is going back to its dark ages....

    By Blogger deep cover, at 11:30  

  • Alvin..I do not see this to be GC's fault. Since it is his mandate to better Team India's performance..it is part of his job as a coach to inform BCCI on key players and their performance. He obviously felt that SG's performance in substantially below par and has accordingly informed BCCI. If BCCI has, in all its wisdom, chosed GC as a coach then it has to back him for at least an entire season.. SG should be made to resign immediately..

    By Blogger ilovecricket, at 11:30  

  • Incidentally, worma, if you want to get an idea of the desperation Jaggu and Mahindra feel, consider this: They arrogantly sacked the TNCA's Srinivasan two months ago; now they have reappointed him to the very same committee he used to chair.
    Why do you suppose I titled that post 'The fix is in'? *L*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 11:33  

  • prem...but who, meanwhile, takes the decision of executive committees and the selection committees? Certainly Pawar wont let JD handle that alone? And certainly there would be some work for both these committees before Nov 30th?

    By Blogger worma, at 11:34  

  • what's funny is that one justice, soumitra sen appointed the first observer, the same justice, soumitra sen, appointed the second & third observers; then the mahendra faction took their peition to two *other* judges on the Calcutta High Court, who overturned justice sen's second order, but not her first:

    "The Division Bench comprising Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Justice N C Sil stayed the appointment of two additional Observers and directed that Suhas Chandra Sen would be the sole Observer."


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:42  

  • Bloody politicians!!!!Meandering self conniving sods!! They probably work out you get 20% and I egtt he rest bartering deal among themselves

    By Blogger KB, at 11:48  

  • Here is an intersting question...

    We have just seen what self-serving politicians can do to Zbwe cricket, how far is the India cricket from that kind of a situation?

    WHat happens if in the current power struggle between Gangs and Chaps, Gangs wins? CHaps gets booted out and do the ramifications stop there?

    Pathan just came out and heaped praises on chaps, Bhajji seems to be slowly buying in too. What if the core of the Indian team believes in CHaps and his vission? What would Gangs then do? Throw out every opposing voice? WOuld the rest maybe perform a coup-de-grace?

    Interesting times, cant say have been more excited to open up the news websites in the mornings!!!
    Yes, Gentelmen I am being sardonic!!!

    By Blogger KB, at 11:51  

  • worma: what's to 'let', boss? It's like when a Lok Sabha exceeds its tenure; the government in power calls the shots, and there is not a damned thing the opposition can do about it.
    Sure, the lame duck government cannot present a budget -- but even there, it can call a vote of account, which is even better since you can just ask for spending money, without bothering to explain how you hope to balance your books.
    That's the thing -- once an election is postponed, the existing executive continues by default till the new one is picked. Why do you suppose I am so steamed up? :-)

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 12:07  

  • the final outcome of the matter is, the money will continue to go to the wrong people. And the most important matter, cricket and its future iun INdia will be on pause (or rewind) for the next two months

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:13  

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