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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Urn -- September 1

1. In the Guardian, a piece by Alex Brown drawing parallels between the Ricky Ponting of now, and the Richie Richardson of then.
2. In the Telegraph, this piece -- on the man, and the event, they say is responsible for shaping the current England squad.
3. Appropos Dean Jones' comments referred to in the earlier post, Simon Briggs plays eyewitness as McGrath tests the most watched elbow in world cricket today, not excepting Sachin Tendulkar's.
4. Ponting's running tirade against the substitution ploy Michael Vaughan has adopted is bearing fruit, seemingly -- Rudi Koertzen here says he's going to get tough on any abuse of the law.
Err, how? Say Vaughan decides to send Harmison off, and bring Pratt on. Will Koertzen ask Vaughan why? And also ask how come a bloke not on the team list is coming out to field? If yes, then the real question is, why didn't you, and the other umpires, do it before? More broadly, why does the ICC's panel of elite umpires invariably wait for the excreta to hit the ceiling fan before 'getting tough'?
5. First it was after Mark Waugh who? After Steve Waugh who? After Healy who? After McDermott who (McDermott himself being the surprise answer to after Lillee who?) And now it is after Hayden... after Gillespie... after Kasprowicz... after....
There are, says this piece by Chloe Saltau, answers waiting in the wings. Some known names, some unfamiliar ones. Be interesting to see how the champion side manages the transition.
6. And finally, my favorite commentator calls it quits; for those who haven't read it before, this in depth interview with Richie Benaud is worth your while.
Cheerio, guys, back to work -- we'll meet again later tonight my time, for the India-NZ game. Take care, meantime...


  • Prem,

    I do not see whats wrong with substitutes. Any team should provide a list of 5 substitutes besides the 12th man. Make things easier. It gives youngsters and aspirants a chance to come on the field during the duration of the game.
    Strange, the Australians are complaining now. It appears to be a case of the grapes being sour. Personally, i laud Vaughn and the English management for their craftiness during this series.

    By Blogger Rishi Gajria, at 20:58  

  • Rishi, according to what MV and FLetcher said, it seems they faced the same problems when the Poms toured.
    I honestly dont care. Its not like the Aussies are playing with exactly 11 men and have no subs to use. Or is RP saying that his extras are not as good fielders as the English subs?
    I think Benaud will be a true loss when he retires completely. He's probably the only one person whose words, when he says that he saw the greatest series of all, can be accepted as credible.

    By Blogger Toney, at 22:16  

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