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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well caught!

Just adding one to my collection of memorable statements:
"Our catching had been outstanding. It was good cricket overall in quite a few years," he said as there were as many as six wickets, who were caught out and hardly any dropped.

Um. This is what I posted yesterday; and this is what happened since:
Blignaut, at the other end, appeared to be trying his hand at roulette for most part. When on 16, he survived a hat-trick of sorts when he flashed at three deliveries from Zaheer, edged thrice and saw fielders behind the stumps grass all. Dhiraj Jadhav, the substitute, hasn't had much to do through this series and when offered a regulation waist-high chance, he muffed it. The next ball was like an action replay and Sehwag duly obliged by letting it through his fingers. The third flew to first slip but just as it was nestling into Rahul Dravid's palms, Dinesh Karthik threw himself across and floored one more. Zaheer was in the midst of his best spell of the series and his bemused look told a tale of its own.
Blignaut, who offered two more chances after lunch, rubbed it in with some power-packed strokeplay...


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  • again a case of selective reporting by the media. SG was asked why so many catches were dropped today and he replied -

    "guess we were eager to win today and in that process, we dropped a few but overall, our catching and fielding has been outstanding and has been so for many test matches now".

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 19:56  

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