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Monday, October 31, 2005

20 over mark

48 runs in the period between 16-20 -- that's a 5-over phase that went India's way by a long way. It hasn't been pretty, some of it; the normally classical Dravid heaving away was an occasionally perplexing sight (though given the match position, it figures -- putting pressure on MA during the power play is creating a huge dilemma for the fielding side, since there is still one more block to go).
Dhoni's sixes and fours are getting notice -- what should, is his intelligence. He is picking the ball to slam, and thus far he's picked them almost unerringly. And, what is more, he is proving a fine judge of the quick run.
Meanwhile -- when a bowler gets under pressure, his action tends to go a touch; Murali's is, unfortunately, going a bit more than a touch here. The ICC has mandated 15 degrees or so as the allowable limit; I'm judging this off a comp screen - okay, it's a big screen lcd, what the hell -- but if the bend on some of these deliveries is under the limit, then I need to go back and do geometry 101.
In the meantime, at the 20 over mark, India has taken the game over; sensible play here on will finish it for them.


  • I'm afraid you need to reread the ICC regulations, any amount of bend at the elbow is legal, it is not limited to 15 deg! What is regulated by the ICC is the amount of straightening in the elbow between the time the arm is horizontal and the instant of ball release. In the case of Murali his elbow could be bent at 45 deg when horizontal and be 31 deg at release and still be legal.

    By Blogger Phil., at 08:57  

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