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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

20 Overs

Those singles to dot balls equation is improving by the minute: SRT has 19 singles and 3 twos to 33 dot balls; Pathan very impressive with 13 singles to 13 dot balls, playing like a top flight batsman would.
What is most noticeable about Pathan is the fact that he did not allow Murali to break through -- in fact, he's handled Murali with total authority: 12 faced, 12 runs scored, with 4 singles to six dot balls. Both SRT and Pathan have in fact blunted Murali to perfection: 25 runs off 24 balls is a huge headache for Atapattu.
Pathan's temperament has been the most noticeable -- he's defended when he had to, without losing his head; he's run well, his singles and Sachins; and the shots he has hit have all been off the top draw. Good for the lad -- he's our all-rounder in the making and with the team backing him, and with an innings of this kind under his belt, he should hopefully have the confidence to make a go of it.
SRT's play is equally interesting -- he's worked the ball around, but he's equally been prepared to go for the risky hits, especially off Murali; overall, his game seems calibrated to ensure that the run rate never slackens, and to this end, he's gambled on the odd occasion, and pulled it off.


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