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Monday, October 31, 2005

35 over mark

Jayawardene finally coming good here -- and SL getting back into the game in this phase. From 117/2 at the end of 30 (run rate 3.9), Lanka have gone 8, 8, 9, 3 (the aberrant over coming from JPY), 10. That's a hefty 38 runs in the five over grouping, taking SL's overall run rate to 4.43, which is way more healthy. Also, this phase giving the batting side a bit of momentum, heading into the closing phase of the innings. India for the first time facing a few puzzles -- Karthik getting tap, and Bajji and Yadav have just two overs apiece left.
If the part-timers don't come in now, it just could be a bit too late; once the Lankans get into the 40th over mark, they will feel confident about going for the bowling -- part timers more so than the regulars. At this point, India needs 5, 6 overs where no more than 4 runs or so per over are being scored.


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