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Monday, October 31, 2005

45 over mark

Despite a wicket -- Jayawardene, finally delivering an innings of calibre before holing out off a slash to a good catch by Sehwag at deep backward point -- Lanka managing 43 runs in this five over phase is good news for the batting side; helped, to a considerable extent, by some ragged work in the field. Yuvraj letting a single go, Sehwag letting four go when there should have been just one, being examples. That four made the difference between Pathan's comeback over going for a possible 5, which would have been very good, and 8, which is what he ended up conceeding.
Some loss of focus evident by the Indians in the field -- they've been used to things going their way in the first two games; at this sign of resistance, losing the plot here a bit, and Lanka taking toll. 237/3 at 45 going at 5.27 is very good work by the batting side, judging where they were


  • Watching the match on 'mute' takes a lot. Have been doing that and its tough. Someone please stop these moron comentators. Please.

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 01:46  

  • extra are killing india, 12 wides at last count, thats 2 extra overs and 12 runs more ...

    By Blogger Shams, at 01:50  

  • This is a belter of a pitch. An average job by SL until unless they hit it in the final overs. 320 should be gettable for us.

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 01:52  

  • Dravid taking a risk by sticking with VS for the 48th over. Maybe a good move considering he slowed down the run rate and picked up a wicket. But does that indicate that dravid doesn't have confidence in the other bowlers ?

    By Blogger Shams, at 01:53  

  • The only other bowler he can throw the ball to is Karthick. He is a bit experimental today so cant take chances. Sehwag is a better option

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 01:55  

  • Yes the number of wides and shoddy work in field givving away runs and missing chances is what has contributed to Sri Lanka running away. I hope appropriate weight is given to this shortcoming in after match analysis by RD and company irrespective of the result here.

    By Blogger AR, at 01:58  

  • Mahroof is playing a fantastic cameo here for Srilanka.

    Batsmen: R B 4s 6s S/R
    MF Maharoof (RHB) 33 16 4 1 206.25 Non-striker

    against a career statistics of

    ODIs 26 15 6 164 38 18.22 234 70.08 0 0 14 3 5 0

    Makes me almost hope that Dilshan was still at crease.

    I get a feeling that this innings might end up seperating the winners from losers (of course not to discount MJ and KS effort)

    By Blogger AR, at 02:06  

  • very bad work by indians in the field, a couple of catches that should have been taken and the wides and no-balls could have easily been prevented.

    though i must point out that the wicket seemes to have eased out considerably, mahroof was hitting pathen right through the line without any problems !!!

    this is where it is going to be a challenge for the indians as SL have a lot of slow bowlers who can stiffle the runs and take the pace off it to make the batsman work harder.

    SRT's been in good touch and so has the rest of the line-up, SL has the runs on the board, but i am guessing its not going to be a walk in the park defending it !

    By Blogger Shams, at 02:07  

  • prem said repeatedly in his posts on the previous matches, that he will evaluate RD's captaincy after he faces a challenging position. Well folks, i couldn't help feeling that he was clueless in the 2nd half of the innings. Is the bubble going to burst 2day?

    By Blogger blueboy, at 02:10  

  • It is a placid wicket.Had it not for the fact that SL had lost the last 2 matches, they would have been aggressive right from the beginning.Our bowlg lacks depth and our fielding still needs lots of improvement.Blaming RD for all these ills is idiotic.As for Prem's observation that part timers are not used properly does not hold water as Sehwag and Sachin were both tried.When we have 5 front line bowlers who did a good job in the first 30 overs, blaming them for shortfall is myopic.

    By Blogger laks1234, at 02:31  

  • We sud still win with 6 batsmen and 4 others who can bat but thee reasons for 298 are :

    1. 16 wides and no balls too many, specially from spinners,part timerss and JP at his pace. plus runs scored of the no balls means that about 20 runs have been given more than usual.
    2. Sitting back and waiting for things to happen, this is a big lesson for RD
    3. Poor teamm composition i always maintain with the 2 power plays and last 10 in the slog we are basically talking of 30 overs that are very difficult for spinners to bowl in.So we cannot go in with 2 spinners,in case it turns we have 3 decent part timers in SRT,VS,yuvi.So sreesanth sud have played ahead of MK
    let us see how we bat

    By Blogger Avinash, at 02:38  

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