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Monday, October 24, 2005

Arjuna's arrows

Former skipper Ranatunga has this thing about giving his columns a provocative edge -- a carryover, perhaps, of the way he led his team on the field. His first take, on the India-Sri Lanka series beginning today, is thus a diatribe aimed at the itinerary; there are also random comments about the Indian selection system et al. One interesting point, about how Lanka co-opts its veterans into the team building process, is worth culling:
Our cricket committee is worthy of emulation in which we have a virtual who's who of Sri Lankan cricket. Anura Tennokoon, Duleep Mendis, Siddath Wettimuny, Roy Dias, Ranjan Madugalle, Roshan Mahanama, Graeme Labrooy, me and a host of others meet at least once a week where we discuss issues concerning Sri Lankan cricket.
We then regularly call the coach and captain and discuss issues with them. It is not an attempt to curtail their independence. Our only goal is to pass on the committee's views to them. Rest is their call.


  • Prem, Indian board should emulate this method...seek ex-cricketers suggestions on regular basis.

    GG and RP are out.

    Sub: AA

    By Blogger Rajg, at 11:20  

  • This link on the express about the pitch for tommorow's match makes one angry.

    Seems like only motivation for Manohar to make the pitch green was to settle scores with JD and with that objective acheived he's returned to his stupid ways.

    As somebody had mentioned when the topic last cameup this amounts to treason.

    By Blogger Amit, at 11:23  

  • Prem,
    then what weight would you attach if the feed back provided to the team management by the likes of gavaskar, Shashtri, Lal and some more?
    Would the feed back be coloured too? self serving or serving to the people in a particular camp!

    Back to square one!

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 11:28  

  • prem: interesting strategy there by SL... but i think there is always a fine line between no interference and over interference... now i know that this possible SL structure looks good because we tend to compare it with BCCI, but dont u think meeting every week is a little too much... again leave aside the time factor, but the captain and coach have to answer each and every small step they take in any direction... i know it sounds absurd to say this when SL r #2 in the world, but a couple of series losses and then we will hear talks (or criticism) about the board influencing each and every move of the captain and the coach... i very much compare it to the last place i worked for where in case of a big problem, the CEO wud pass us engineers suggestions and we had to pursue them or at least gets some tests done irrespective of how futile the suggestions were... i mean as it is, it was a tough time and to add to it we had to pursue stipid suggestions which we knew were baseless... so i just think there is a fine line between the right amount of suggestions and too much of it...

    By Blogger Mayur, at 11:33  

  • cricktip: I would tend to balance Gavaskar with Vishwanath; Shastri with Vengsarkar; I'd also rope in guys like Chandra. :-) No, seriously, my point is there are enough cricketers of calibre and, more importantly, integrity, in this country. And then again, I was not, in throwing up that para, suggesting the exercise be duplicated here (this actually goes to Mayur's point as well). I threw it up as an interesting example of how different countries solve their problems in ways that suit them -- once a week meetings, for instance, are easy in SL where all those named live in Colombo. Australia uses its former greats, in other ways, to add to the infrastructure. It has always struck me as sad, that we are the only ones not drawing on the experience and ability of the seniors, to provide systemic backup to the current crop.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 11:48  

  • prem: interesting point there... i was trying to point out the issues with frequency of communication between the board and the players... well, the idea of using the ex-players well has been afloat for a long time... BCCI has been one of the culprits for not using the tried and trusted brains... now with chappel, we might have some more issues... i mean, he is even against having a bowling coach, so will he agree to have someone like a consultant (like SMG was when JW was at helm)... the BCCI has to build a case to force GC to use someone like vishy or venkat... these old guys will be very well used rather than giving comments when something big happens (we have the regulars like wadekar, chetan chauhan, et al commenting on issues)...

    By Blogger Mayur, at 12:07  

  • It looks like Ranatunga doesn't follow indian cricket much, otherwise he wouldn't have called Mohali, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Nagpur as "little Known centers".

    Pakistan last played in India and they played ODIs in Kochi, Jamshedpur, Vizag, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Delhi.

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 12:31  

  • oracle guy: true...thats what I thought when I first saw this article....that Ranatunga is back to his ridiculous best...I mean even Australia played ODIs in most of those venues(ok Kanpur maybe not, but SA played a test there!)...and it doesnt get any bigger than Aus I would say?

    Prem...the involvement of former players is definitely a good idea...but still SL cricket board surely not the best role model to follow, is it? With every possible mal-practise associated with it in recent past.

    By Blogger worma, at 14:26  

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