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Monday, October 31, 2005

First 5 overs

25/1 -- with Sachin the casualty, chasing a wide one from Vaas for a good take by Kumar Sangakkara (on a slightly amused note -- when I posted that this chase would be about Indians holding their nerve, I forgot to include the fans; the uproar on the blog reminds me of that omission).
Early days yet to comment on run of play -- but judging by events thus far, this game is far from over. SL have one big chance here -- take Dhoni out early, which is the only way to take him; right now, he is setting himself for the wide ones outside off and Vaas is hoping he will mishit; a better option would be bowling full on the stumps. If this guy gets set, against this bowling attack on a shortish ground, the target will shrink in a hurry.


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