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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halfway mark

Defending 299, you want, by the halfway mark, to have pushed the asking rate over 7 -- as it turns out, it is the S/R that is over that mark, the ask rate is under 5.
29 runs in the five-over phase between 20-25; no wickets lost; Dhoni having gotten the 100 out of the way -- and Marvan Atapattu with one problematical power play yet to take, and no bowling to make it work; at this point, the game is firmly India's, and all thanks to a second successful experimentation with the floating number three option.
Dhoni's 100 meanwhile deserves mention not for the strike rate (7.06 per over); not for the fours (10) or huge sixes (5), but for the fact that a batsman so reliant on the big hits still has the wits around him to knock around 20 singles and 5 twos, besides running like heck for those of his partner (RD: 10 singles, 2 twos, 12 dot balls).


  • Very true..dhoni has indeed batted pretty sensibly, not batting like a madman wanting to hit every ball out of the park .. This Indian team has a very nice look

    By Blogger Confused Indian Cricket Fan, at 05:32  

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