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Monday, October 31, 2005

India at 10 overs

You've got to give this block of five overs to India -- 50 runs in it, taking the score from 25/1 to 75/1; thanks largely to Dhoni's stand and deliver tactics. No finesse, no science -- just good, old-fashioned see-ball, hit-ball-out-of-sight tactics.
Dhoni's 44/33 has been so entertaining, that Sehwag's very 'sedate' 28 off 23 is going totally unnoticed at the other end; as is the fact that Vaas has, yet again, been hit out of the attack early -- a potential problem area for SL, if their main seam striker is treated this cavalierly. The mayhem, meanwhile, has reduced the ask to just 5.65 now -- and given the Indians some breathing space to play relatively safe as Murali comes on to bowl


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