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Monday, October 31, 2005

KS standing up to Vaas

Shams said... KS standing up to Vaas again!! cannot understand this tactic !! any ideas Prem ?

After disappearing faster than he could bowl, Vaas has been trying to slow things down; he's cut a good 8-10 yards off his pace to try and see that the ball doesn't come on to Dhoni. Trouble is, standing up telegraphs that the bowler is looking to cut down pace -- that shot, where Dhoni took a couple of paces down the track, waited, let it pitch and smashes it off his forehand to the straight fence, a typical down the line smash, is as good an example as any of the problem with that tactic.

The odd slower ball is a useful ploy. Not sure Vaas is going to get lucky though if he decides to bowl slow as a method.

Rather strange meanwhile that Atapattu is using two premier bowlers -- without the power play; what does he expect to do if this partnership keeps on for another 5 overs, bring in powerplay with Chandana and such bowling?


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