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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


With Ruchir, as always, weighing in with a comprehensive roundup, I can afford to take time off for house cleaning (and also factoring in the visit, here, of our CEO).
I need to check out the discussion group, which a friend, Arjun Swarup, kindly added on to the blog platform as a means of extending its utility -- will do that, today.
In the interim, wanted to point to two links I have added to the sidebar, both to blogs.
The first is H Natrajan, Natty, a long time friend from Mumbai days. He's been in the cricket space for so long, 'introducing him would be presumptuous.
The other is John Cook, a blogger from Brisbane; his intro is best done in his own words:
I've had a long and proud cricket career, opening the bat for the Alexandra Hills Under 12's and Under 14's. My career highlight was winning the club's "Most Improved" award two years running. Unfortunately, at that point, I stopped improving and made the prudent decision to retire at 17 (when the bowlers started getting fast).
Since then, I've been a keen and passionate follower of the Australian cricket team. I religiously stayed up all night to watch the 2005 Ashes series (apart from the times when I got tired and fell asleep). For a while now, I've been dying for somewhere or someone to vent my cricket obsession to. Whenever I start a conversation with my wife with something like "You'll never guess what Warnie just did...", her eyes glaze over. So here are my thoughts, comments and links to cool websites and articles I happen to bump into.
Note - as an avid Aussie cricket fan, I don't claim in anyway to be impartial, informed or even rational. On the contrary, I'll take every opportunity to go the sledge in true Aussie tradition (and reserve the right to sink the boot into my own team when they're not up to scratch).


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    By Blogger Sean Biggler, at 11:31  

  • Waugh: 'Told you so - you only walk when it suits you'
    Lara: 'Shut up!'
    Waugh: 'Told you.'
    Lara: 'Shut up!'
    Waugh: 'Told you.'
    Lara: 'C'mon, let's go, let's get it on right now!'

    Hilarious! Does sound like school kids.

    By Blogger hjrsingh, at 12:03  

  • Hi Prem!
    THanks for the links, but seems its very hard for us now to move to any other blog :-P
    And moresoever the other blog is more aussie kinda...will not suit us indians....

    Hope everything is fine with you at the personal front.
    Have a nice time.

    By Blogger Medium_Fast_LegSpin, at 00:43  

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