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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Picture perfect

Dravid couldn't have found a better time to return to form; that knock was reminiscent of one he played (against vastly superior pace bowling, admittedly) in SA on India's debut tour there.
But for me, singles have been the single barometer of the team's health; the fours and sixes we hit anyways. Judged by that yardstick, this is the best I've seen in a long while.
SRT 37 singles and 4 twos to 43 dot balls; Pathan 29 singles to 28 dots; Dravid 28 singles to 16 dots; Yuvraj eight of each plus a two; Dhoni 12 singles to 10 dots; Yadav 3 singles, no dot balls.
When the team does that, it invariably piles up a huge score -- the singles provide the skin, the fours and sixes come as the stuffing (and you can tell Thanksgiving is approaching).
350 should do it easy; more so with an extra spinner in Karthik. What will be interesting is the kind of fields that are set, the way India plays the game on the field -- and, frankly, the bowling of Sreeshant.
Someone asked for a new thread -- will start one here for the Lankan innings.
PS: An addendum. A recent problem has been the way the team has mismanaged the last ten overs. Check this out -- India after 40, 250/4 at 6.25. In the overs following, rpo has been 7, 11, 8, 7, 6, 5, 16, 12, 10, 18; the result, the innings ends with the scoring rate a perfect 7.


  • With this, RD has proved that he can play normal cricket shots and score at more than run a ball. So often we want YS or MSD to come in when few overs are left. But RD can be more effective than any of them.

    By Blogger siddhu, at 03:30  

  • 350 awesome runs, would be sad if it signals end of SG's ODI stint, i still feel it would be fair to have SG in couple of ODI's now that he worked hard for form, you will never see overt fitness on him being that sort of a guy

    By Blogger papugopu, at 03:35  

  • prem, I dont think RD played in India's debut tour of SA - that ws in 1992, and Kapil Dev and W.V.Raman were still in the team - thats how far back in time it was - the tour you are talking about was probably in 97-98. This tour also had Allan Donald's shameful sledging at Rahul. Ofcourse, being not Indian or Paki or Sri Lankan, he got away with it saying "he is the old school type - sledge on ground and have a beer afterwards".

    By Blogger raj, at 03:38  

  • Are we not jumping the gun..Let's take each game as it comes. This has been good so far.But, only 50% of the job has been done. We still need to win this.And with rookie bowlers to partner IP(I would rate AA much lower than a rookie)it would be a real big effort that is required.Let's leave SG in peace for the time being

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 03:43  

  • papugopu - if this trend continues (in temrs of batting) SG is history. Of ocurse now we have to bowl out the Lankans and that is not going to be as easy we we think.

    More than SRT and IP I too think Dravid's knock was a gem

    By Blogger MM, at 03:45  

  • I think the spinners will have a crucial role, this still may be close but we will win. The bowler who gets more wickets will be most imp bcoz everyone is going to be hit around. Good score but thankx 2 dravid anything less than 330 and we were in trouble.

    it still cud be very very close!!!

    By Blogger Avinash, at 03:53  

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