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Monday, October 31, 2005

R Mohan on Dhoni

...in the Asian Age, just now.
Granted that innings was enthralling; and I am hugely kicked by the way the team has played these last three games; and the fact that a youngster found himself with a job to do and stayed on to complete it is worth more than those fours and sixes he hit. But it is still just three games -- at best an indication of the path the team is taking, rather than a satisfied sigh at destination attained. Surely, thus, a touch too early for this conclusion?
Dhoni’s success caps a hat-trick of happy wins for India. There is something about this Indian team which suggests amazing capabilities. Adaptability is to be seen in the way the team responded after Sachin fell so early.
In the years straddling the new millennium, the team would collapse the moment the master got out. It is showing a steely resolve to mend its ways that it is fast becoming the master of making its own fortunes. It is no more a matter of simply turning a corner. You can read in their keenness the message — bring on the World Cup.


  • yep..3 matches..and in India. Sure good wins...overall good show...different people taking up the torch (and VS not even joined the party fully yet!). But just three wins in mostly belter batting conditions. This team *may* have a good makeup...but lets wait and figure it out

    By Blogger worma, at 14:55  

  • I can't do anything other than just smile, smile and smile....bring on the world cup..uh..yet again..

    By Blogger Ravi Agrawal, at 15:05  

  • I think Mohan is being an eager beaver , and there will be many who will follow suit , and if we do manage to do well in WC 07 , they'll say " See we saw and pointed that out long back ! " Dont think that's good journalism :(

    By Blogger Adi, at 15:23  

  • Me misses Mohan's articles, we used to lap it all up when he wrote for The Hindu.

    Get back to Hindu, Mohan :-)

    By Blogger Kannappan, at 01:02  

  • prem: as usual we are jumping the gun here. to early to predict anything for the world cup. while the top order is sorting itself out, there are enough reasons not to feel too comfortable yet about the lower order which looks unsettled and the jury is out unless we see them perform (including all rounders)and the bowling line up where ip and hs will need adequate back up

    By Blogger indianfansrcrazy, at 10:52  

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