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Monday, October 31, 2005

RCA news

Lalit Modi has been a long time proponent of the corporatisation of domestic cricket; his plans to create an alternate structure, with corporate teams 'owning' grounds and replacing the existing Ranji Trophy structure, has been made consistently these last several years, and as consistently ignored.
Judging by this story, he's figured he'll make a start in Rajasthan, where he now controls the association. Merely naming teams after animals wild or tame is not necessarily going to lift the standard of the cricket -- but if it is an indication that after four decades of inertia under the Rungta regime, someone is actually interested in doing *some* thinking on the game at the grassroots level in the state, it's worth noting.


  • But is the focus merely on revenue generation, or on some genuine change for the game?

    From Anand Vasu's article, it seems that the focus is mainly on the former.

    Its still good if good venues are created, and there are good press boxes, and nice facilities for spectators.

    But what about investing heavily in the players, creating contracts, academies, sports medicine and the like?

    By Blogger Arjun Swarup, at 12:23  

  • Prem..the newkerala link doesnt open for me? Anyone else with similar problem?

    btw...did you read that cricinfo piece about the success of the Jaipur match..how well organised and how big a commercial success it was

    By Blogger worma, at 14:30  

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