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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rest uneasy

It is, in certain quarters, sacrilege to find anything good to say about Greg Chappell -- but this needs saying: first John Wright, now Chappell, have been making it a point to attend domestic fixtures. Equally nice to see Kiran More, who has in fact come to the end of his tenure, making it a point to be there -- and to voice unambiguous opinions about what he witnessed.
And -- might as well get it over in one shot -- Mahendra Singh Dhoni makes his views about the coach clear, here. And Ian Frazer has his own take, on the problem and the solutions.


  • Will be nice to see Y Goud in the India team. this guy has been around for awhile...no luck with selection commite.
    India should send/invite 'A' teams and try new guys.
    Otherwise, team will be stuck with guys like 'talented batsman' YS, 'stylish batsman' VVS, 'trash star' VS...all junk

    By Blogger Rajg, at 11:06  

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