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Friday, October 07, 2005

Round up

Since the headline news, that Saurav will miss the Challengers owing to a mild tennis elbow has already made it to the blog -- thanks, Worma and Ruchir -- I'll stay with the less marquee items (Oh, in passing, I hope someone is webcasting the Challengers -- would love a look at some of the juniors including Pathan's leg-spinning sibling; an up close look at how SRT shapes wouldn't be amiss either).
Speaking of SRT, who says his rehab is going to plan, he appears to have taken on the fire-fighting role yet again (previous known sighting of him in this uniform, the prelim stages of WC'03, when following India's hiding at the hands of Australia, SRT stepped forward to make a statement that the team would get its act together, and helped cool tempers back home). This time, it is in re the Saurav-Chappell spat; no worries, says the batsman, there is disagreement but no disunity.
“Both the team (members) and Chappell want to win. Only the paths they want to take (in trying to do so) may be different,” the master batsman said on Friday.
There is a need to find out which (path) would take them to victory,” he added.

Um. I wonder what those two paths are, though. And who is for which. Anyways...
Yesterday, I think it was, someone on here was suggesting that I should learn to look at goof-ups as being part of the national ethos or some such, so I'll offer up this story of the first day of the Ranji camp for the Delhi team as is -- any comments I have, about why an association can't even do a basic thing like communicate camp timings right, I'll keep to myself. :-)
And surprisingly, that seems to be it -- unless I've developed acute day-blindness and am missing a whole heap of stories.
Today, folks, is Friday -- India Abroad production day, so will likely be more out than in, on here. Talk to you later.


  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger idlivada, at 11:25  

  • prem, yusuf pathan is an offie or left armer i think...not a leg spinner ....

    By Blogger cartan, at 11:31  

  • Sorry chief, I haven't heard much about the lad, except that he exists, so was going by this Cricinfo report:


    "Mohammad Kaif will lead the India Seniors side in Ganguly's absence. Satyajit Parab, the Baroda batsman who was picked in the India B squad, will replace Ganguly in the India Seniors side while Yousuf Pathan, Irfan's brother and legspinning allrounder for Baroda, was named in the India B side. "

    Anyone seen the boy bowl? And bat, for that matter?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 11:35  

  • guess u were right ... *sheepish grin*

    confirmed it here

    By Blogger cartan, at 11:40  

  • I seem to remember he's an off spinner..from earlier reports (when Kaif was rising)

    Prem..a request I made yesterday....can you share with us Harsha's take, if he did broach on it in his email, on the whole 'situation' as he observed from up-close?...I mean what impression did you get out of it??..unless it was strictly for your consumption only?

    By Blogger worma, at 11:41  

  • cartan: Like I said, dont know enough to be right or wrong :-)

    worma: Can I let that go outside off? :-) Will ask Harsha if there is any official comment he can make, though

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 11:57  

  • @prem
    you had said earlier that u *knew* what happened at nagpur - similarly after harshas email do u *know* what happened now in zim ?

    if yes, we can understand without u having to divulge anything

    By Blogger GK, at 12:01  

  • ok prem...well I wasn't too hopeful of you snicking this one anyways ;-)..

    btw...do request Harsha to join us for a couple of hours sometime...or maybe once you have the discussion forum in place?

    By Blogger worma, at 12:03  

  • gk: The answer to that would be no. I do need to make a point I've probably made before -- whether it is Nagpur, or anything else, I don't say I 'know' something, for sure, unless I either was there, or I got the story from multiple sources, all reliable. On Zimbabwe, the bare fact is, I get a titbit here, a titbit there, but I am nowhere near certain I have even an approximation of the complete picture. If and when I ever do, I *will* write about it -- to my mind, that tour has the potential to turn into one of those turning points in this team's history.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 12:05  

  • worma: Sure thing, will ask him. Will likely have to be before the Sri Lanka ODI series, but let's see what I can do, time zones notwithstanding

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 12:06  

  • @prem
    ok ... thanks .. hope u get to *know* for sure soon and then tell us about it

    By Blogger GK, at 12:09  

  • gk: Oh, that I will. Like I said, what happened there really matters...if I know, I will tell. :-)

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 12:21  

  • I have heard about Yousuf Pathan. From what I have read, he is supposedly a hard-hitter (old Atul Bedade style) and an off-spinner (?). Played in the Ranji last season.

    By Blogger Voyager, at 12:56  

  • voyager,
    Yusuf Pathan is a legspinner, not an offspinner.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 13:01  

  • The little I know about Yusuf Pathan: I remember Irfan crediting Yusuf for the improvement in Irfan's batting during the Australian series.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 13:05  

  • Prem,
    One guy I would like to see back in the reckoning is Wasim Jaffer. He was not able to capitalize on the limited opportunities provided to him, but I always felt the guy had the ability and temperament to succeed at the highest level. He continues to score prolifically for Mumbai and India A. Your thoughts?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 13:10  

  • PP

    SG's tennis elbow and Kaif's elevation.....SG looks like will be given the honorable exit...while the new man will be groomed for the future..guess something good is coming up for Indian cricket?
    Is this what the doc, sorry, GC ordered?

    By Blogger ap-dxb, at 13:52  

  • anthony@dubai,
    I think that is wishful thinking. Ganguly will play in the Sri Lanka and South Africa ODI series, barring persistent injury. If he gets one or two decent scores within the series and the team puts up a respectable performance, I predict he will continue as captain. Before I raise up a storm, this is simply what I predict will happen, not necessarily what I want to happen. However, the test matches are another story. There is a definite possibility of handing the captaincy over to Dravid there.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 14:19  

  • Whether ganguly stays or goes.. depends on one sole factor.. WHO WINS THE BCCI ELECTION? if dalmiya does, its Ganguly till atleast next election.. by crook though..

    Only catch is this, all these BCCI presidents become their own man in the second terms only because they know they are not going to get a third term anyway.. So why kiss JD ass any more.. All these AC Muthaias.. Bindra's have been his guys at some point or the other..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 14:46  

  • thanks chappel,
    Of course that is presuming an election actually takes place instead of unending litigation. At this point, anything should be expected from the Board.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 15:10  

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