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Sight Screen

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shut down and restart

Ruchir Joshi said... Prem:
Some bloggers have said that if you are locked out, shut down your PC, restart it again. That should take care of the problem. Did you try that?

Ruchir: Why not just chill, chief? I mean, guys who do this, or troll, want you to get all worked up and try all sorts of things. If I shut down and restart, it's another IP address, I get to post a few, till the hacker figures out the new IP and blocks that. Why would I want to hassle myself that way -- and play into his hands? I'm watching, it's fun, I can see what you guys have to say, when I have something to say I can post -- and I am damned if I get all sweaty over this adolescent stunt.


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