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Friday, October 28, 2005

Slowlee, softlee, catchee monkee

John Stern, on Cricinfo, is all hot and bothered. Whyfor? Because, he says, the itinerary for the India-England series hasn't been finalized yet.
So? I mean, what's the beef -- there's 6 more ODIs against Sri Lanka to go. Then five against South Africa. Then we play Pakistan. And then we'll deal with England -- can't these guys wait their turn?
I mean, check out Stern's complaint -- shocking, I tell you:
For the first time, England supporters, in their thousands rather than their hundreds, are queuing up to go to India. Or at least they would be if they had any clue about where and when the matches would take place. India is now a hugely desirable - and exotic - destination for Brits whether they follow cricket or not.
This is not just about inconvenience and frustration for superannuated England fans wanting to spend their pensions on an exotic subcontinental holiday. Every day that passes without news is another potential holiday sale lost. British travel companies are the ones who lose out initially but what of the local economies in India that will reap the rewards of having the English cricket circus in town for a few days: the luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, shops.
Brits are a conservative lot and we like to plan ahead. Cricket supporters more so than anyone. People live by fixture calendars. "Yorkshire at Lord's? I'll take a week off." "Scarborough festival. I might call in sick that day."
Trips are already being sold to the World Cup in March-April 2007 and the Ashes in Australia. Thousands of England supporters will cash in their savings and make the trip.
There could be thousands in India but that likelihood is decreasing by the day which is a shame: for the England team and the local communities.

You know, chap, you really need to get a life? I mean, look at us: Do we have an official, duly elected board? No. Do we have an official, properly nominated selection committee? No. Do we know who our long term captain is? No. Do we know who is going to telecast the series after this? No. Do we know when we will get any of these things? No. And you think you have problems because you don't know which Indian city to book tickets to in, what, February of next year?!
Look at us -- do we worry? At the risk of repeating myself, No. We are nice and chilled out, mate -- you see, we have a culture 1000s of years old, that teaches us to take a deep breath, preferably while mimicking a lotus, and letting it all out with a whoosh. There you go, tension gone, stress gone, we are all calm and composed and reconciled to our karma. You might want to recommend it to those thousands of potential tourists waiting in line outside their friendly neighborhood travel agent's.


  • Prem..you're up!...hey I commented this earlier also....why doesnt the ICC make it mandatory for the tour itinerary to be finalised x days before the tour?...heard of any work on this? or any reasons why ICC considers it outside their domain?

    btw..read recently that BCCI has said it would finalise Eng itinerary on 29th...so all's not lost yet ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 02:53  

  • Pathetic. really pathetic. Poor poms cant plan for travel, hotels, tickets nothing

    By Blogger J, at 02:53  

  • worma: Yeah, up, have some work to complete before the game :-)

    Sure, the BCCI is finalizing it on 29th -- because the ECB said, you don't let us know by month end, all bets are off.

    Why doesn't the ICC mandate deadlines? Coz the ICC can't be bothered -- what, two mature nations can't make a date to go party? *L*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 02:57  

  • J: *LOL* that is not *quite* how I meant it, but hey

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 02:58  

  • Anyways, back to work. Back here in an hour or so. Adios, you guys

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 03:01  

  • is sportingstreams working guys?

    By Blogger losing now, at 03:02  

  • yeah well...that teams should be able to decide the tours also...but ICC has still gone ahead to design the tours and fixtures table...ahh anyways...its not as if ICC is the best administered body either...see you in the match thread

    By Blogger worma, at 03:02  

  • prem...adios? yeah, right....hey, lets get talking about that SMG article guys...:)

    By Blogger The Straighter Neo, at 03:03  

  • Worma - What exactly is Prem doing? He goes to Gym at 2PM and work at 3am? What kind of work requirements are there at IA?

    By Blogger J, at 03:07  

  • your are funny Prem. I almost missed the sarcasm I read this the first time around...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 03:09  

  • Hi Prem..
    You are quite right..Stupid guys expecting us to furnish the schedules so many months in advance.These "supposedly"superior people from the first world do not understand the machinations that go into deciding venues.So many pulls , pressures,double deals and back stabbing, if it were hollywood, they would have made a block buster.Thank god,, it was the english who were interested in this issue.Had it been a german, the cribbing would have started more than a year ago.Atleast the germans i know plan one year calendar.I always used to be envious how much more bang they get out of their lifes than we do..It is not always money..

    By Blogger laks1234, at 03:55  

  • J: Fridays are press days for IA. Which means Thursdays my time, all copy has to be edited, sent to BBY, then we work with the page making team and designers in the Rediff office on what goes where, all that kind of good stuff through the night.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:15  

  • Prem ... why do you open another thread after the open in games ??slightly ambiguous whic to followm last time understand it was securilty .. anything specific this time .. :(

    By Blogger Pankaj Tripathi, at 04:25  

  • Pankaj: There is usually one thread for the game -- but if there is something else worth posting, I merely post it; is not an open thread. Plus, if I get blocked, I post my thoughts as separate posts, about every ten overs or so

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:28  

  • Thx Prem,
    I somehow thought you want to stay away from the most pppular thread in your blog .. No sarcasm :(
    The guys in BCCI need prefessioal Project managers..
    these are disasters.. good for them things do fall at place in 11th hour.. but not everyday is hliday ...

    By Blogger Pankaj Tripathi, at 04:33  

  • morning prem...Is John stern from mars ?

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 04:47  

  • the timing for 2nd odi in willow tv is screwed up...

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 04:48  

  • I can only empathize with english fans...Logical would be to plan their vacation atleast 6 months or so in advance

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 04:50  

  • Very well said Prem, about the Brits and the culture bit.

    However, in the ideal world you do want these things sorted out well in advance or so the sarcasm in your note seemed to suggest...

    By Blogger Akshay, at 04:52  

  • jayasuriya gone

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 05:06  

  • *L* this is just funny!!! I dont know who this guy is and why he has to worry about the other thousands, if he is nobody, then he is worried about the tix getting expensive.. :-)

    as far as Indian economy and the city shops are concerned they will take care of themselves, if not the brits then we have nuf, what is it like 1bn, to take care of the shops and the hotels.

    but again, what the hell is all the fuss about..

    By Blogger pg, at 05:09  

  • ISthere a live audio link available?

    By Blogger vshan, at 05:21  

  • vshan, there is on cricinfo, but u have to pay $2 bucks fot r it, I think

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:25  

  • boss, just cant control the laughter......

    By Blogger Soms, at 06:28  

  • good morning guys didnot miss much with srilanka on the mats do yo know who won the toss?

    By Blogger tombaan, at 07:11  

  • vshan
    that is what i am hearing it is allright nothig great
    do you samir who are the commentrators

    By Blogger tombaan, at 07:12  

  • yadav takes a wicket:>

    By Blogger tombaan, at 07:19  

  • yadav takes one more two wickets in this over good going yadav

    By Blogger tombaan, at 07:22  

  • haha.. that was a damn good one by you...

    By Blogger Balaji, at 09:38  

  • England always suffer from an exaggerated sense of self-importance. What the BCCI is telling them is one of the Rock's famous lines - "Know your role and shut your mouth!". I say put the stinking poms in their place. I agree we could plan things better. But to suggest we do that just for one team and not the others is just not on.

    Also, the workings of our board are for us and aour media to criticize. I think the likes of John Stern worry about his administration and his team.

    On a side note, reading Imran Khan's comments on Ruchir's round-up led me to think - Don't you guys feel he suffers from the Bishen-complex (i.e. ask him about the current players and he starts to talk of himself)?

    By Blogger Sudo Nima, at 10:57  

  • Prem,

    Gavaskar can take your column, strip out the sacrasm, and present it as his view. He garners the support of the BCCI (irrespective of which buffoon comes to power), continues his English bashing, and has an elbow up at Geoff Boycott.

    By Blogger TFFY, at 14:41  

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    Come and check it out if you get time :-)

    By Blogger Richard K, at 23:27  

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