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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Too much too soon

With his strokes, SRT has shown no sign of injury. But that cramp is an indicator of how long he has been away -- 30 overs of going up and down, sprinting at speed (34 of his own singles, plus 25 of Pathan's) telling on his thighs and more importantly, hamstrings. No surprise there, really, not sure why the commentator began talking of how India still has 11 ODIs to go and this could be a national tragedy.
Not. Given the length of his layoff, and given that he has just spent regular half hour net sessions and not full match play, he'll likely feel stiff as heck tonight; two more such matches, and he should be back where he used to be, fitness-wise. At least, IMHO that is all there is wrong with him.
Not sure you would rate this innings among his very best -- but you'd rank it very high on the 'significance' scale. It's settled the question of whether his elbow injury will leave psychological scars; it's answered the question whether the injury will make him change his game. In point of fact, the break seems to have helped him exhume strokes he has kept in mothballs these last two years or so.


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