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Monday, October 31, 2005

What total is enough?

Deepak said... Prem,
Could it be that the SL team has figured that the wicket is going to turn later, and that a total of 240 or so will be enough, and thats why they are going slow right now, as opposed to going for the shots and getting out for less than 200 like in Mohali?

Deepak: They seem intent on keeping wickets till the end, judging by the way they are playing. IMHO, even with spin, 240 wont do it here. There's been turn on the other two tracks as well, yet India hasn't really looked troubled. They need 270 to feel good, about 20 at least more to be safe --and this is no way to get there.


  • prem,

    wicket will never be a problem for India.look @ their spinners, Except Murli who runs through batters if wicket is assisting??
    Assist means not one like in Drambulla. Genuine turner is good wicket for genuine spinner and SL does not have any genuine spinner except Murli, atleast none who can trouble india here in Jaipur.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 00:21  

  • Prem :

    How do you rate Yadav as bowler ?

    By Blogger Arpan K Chowdhury, at 00:22  

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