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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Why the block

Yacrik said... blocking Prem:
I don't think anyone is doing it;
it could be some security mechanism by blogspot; after so many words/letters don't let any more posts.

Chief, the same blogspot has no problems with you guys posting 2000-plus posts, but it gets antsy when *I* post on my own blog? *L* No, actually, Google knows about this problem -- trouble is, when it happens is late night, when customer service is not up and about to monitor live, and see who is doing it. Anyways.


  • Since this happens whenever there is a match on, perhaps you can pre-arrange for a Google geek to stay up at night to monitor this thing. Or have you already made this suggestion to them and they have indicated their inability to do so?

    Just knowing about a problem for so long doesn't cut it. They should be trying something. If you provide Gooooogle with dates/times of upcoming matches, even if they don't have humans available, I'm sure they can setup cronjobs to log all activity and sift through it later to find this (insert swearwords here)!!

    By Blogger Nishark, at 23:56  

  • Prem: Did you ask google to monitor your blog during the Mohali day night game ? Or was the hacker smart enuf not to block u then.

    By Blogger Ridham, at 00:03  

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