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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why this happens

Toney: Prem, are you sure it isnt a problem with some setting of yours? I had this problem one day but it got sorted out by itself.

Nope. When this blog was free for all to comment, couple of guys came on, and were so abusive, the folks who actually wanted to discuss the game got pissed off and began to leave.

I shifted the comments mode to compulsory log on -- and this is the payback. *shrug* Takes all sorts, pal -- some people believe they have the god given right to ruin everyone else's fun... as far as I am concerned, they can block me each time we are live, but I am not going back to that system where one lone jerk spoils it for everyone.

Toney said: Prem, got the message. Actually, I was part of the group when you made the change. But since this is a blog with lots of traffic, I am sure your concerns will be addressed by google promptly.

A touch complicated by the fact that most of these games are at night, no support personnel available now. Is what they said, let us know when it is happening. Anyways, soon enough this will move to a platform where I'd love for someone to meddle -- our own servers, so all traces are by our own techs.


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