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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

41-50 overs, India

83 runs in the last ten overs, thanks to Yuvraj's steadiness, a brief glimpse of Agarkar the batsman, and finally, an outstanding cameo from Harbhajan Singh. When Bajji walks out to bat, you want to walk out and buy the New York State Lottery -- but this time, the winning number came up; that has to rank among the cleanest straight hitting on view by a tailender in a long long time.
Upshot -- SA muffed the second half of the first innings; had India allowed a side to recover from 39/5 in 12 to 149/9 in 50, we would by now have eviscerated captain, coach, and their relatives and friends. Needs to be said the bowling, in the death phase, was pretty thoughtless (which is not to take away credit from the batting, which cashed in on the opportunities they were gifted).
The score has set it up quite nicely now. 240 would, I pointed out in my previous post, be competitive; India has 9 more. Given a steady -- even an unspectacular but steady -- opening by the seamers, India has an opportunity here to slow things down in mid game, and choke SA on an outfield that is not the quickest we have seen, and a pitch that has the hint of variable bounce and should give some turn. The only factor going against India is the subbing of Murali Karthik; bringing on an extra batsman was the logical ploy at that point, but with 250 on the board for the Proteas to chase, we could oh so badly have used a second spinner. And that puts the onus squarely on Viru, and Yuvraj (prolly with Sachin turning his arm over for an over or two) to help Bajji nail the middle game down.
All said, it's set up to be a competitive second half; the team takes kudos, thus far, for the spirit shown in the fightback.


  • simply awesome fight back...Never seen this type of innings from India in a long time...

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 02:24  

  • Actually subbing out Karthik could be a blessing in disguise. ;-)

    I feel Yuveraj and Tendulkar should be able to put the brakes on. Tendulkar has a good bowling record against the SAs :-)

    Good fight back and clearly this team is different from the teams of the past that would have laboured to 200 from a similar position.

    By Blogger vshan, at 02:34  

  • is powerplay on ?

    By Blogger GK, at 03:52  

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