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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The agenda

Been getting, in email, queries that pretty much take one single tack: Do I think the Pawar group, having got power, will be able to do anything constructive?
The short answer is, damned if I know. The thing is, the group has 10 months before elections are due again in September of 2006, and that is a very short time to actually make a difference.
The plus though is, they have a clear field; almost anything they do will make a difference. You cannot, based on what people who are in opposition say, make a judgement call on what they will do when they get power -- but for now, we only have their record in opposition to go on.
Based on that, and with the above caveats, the sense I got was that IS Bindra and his group would devote their time to administrative issues; Lalit Modi and his group will likely focus on television rights (which is an area he has done much homework on, and has strong views about) and possibly make the first moves towards a revamp of the domestic cricketing structure.
In this context, an interesting story I found in Mid-Day (Oh, by the way, sometime back when I referenced Mid-Day I found this note, that suggested that Mid-Day was not to be taken seriously, that it was a tabloid owned by the Mumbai lobby, whatever that is. A little note -- I worked for that paper for three years and believe me, we were a tabloid only in size; the content we put in there was what you would find in a mainstream paper and, with due concession to modesty, way better than some. And oh by the way, it is owned by Khalid Ansari, and operational control is in the hands of his son Tariq - neither of whom, to the best of my knowledge, are in bed with the Mumbai lobby, whatever that is).
Anyways, here is the story.


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