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Friday, November 18, 2005

Bangalore preview

On Cricinfo, Dileep Premachandran takes a look at the day-nighter coming up tomorrow (Late tonight my time -- damn! These all nighters are making me old before my time). A couple of days ago, Graeme Smith made some interesting noises about his bowlers being helped by the dew -- at first read, I thought he was talking of overnight dew spicing up the deck in a day game but no, he was actually talking of day-nighters and the dew that falls in the evening. Well, best of luck to the bloke -- Nel, Ntini etc bowling at the death with a ball that feels like wet soap (actually, it may not be that bad -- depends if late evening dew has actually intensified at the venue) should be fun to watch.
The dew factor continues to divide opinion among players and fans alike. While no one likes to bowl with a wet and greasy ball, it remains to be seen whether either captain will refuse first use of what looks an absolute belter on winning the toss. And while the bowlers could struggle under lights, shot-making too could be more difficult with a sodden heavier ball. As Australia showed last time out, there's no better way to close out a game than to bat first and pile up the sort of total that can kill the opposition's appetite for dinner.

PS: Yesterday, someone posting under the nom de plume criclogic mentioned that he had emailed me regarding a conference of some sort; sorry, mate, not got. Care to resend? The mail id mentioned in my profile is the one to use -- might help if you put 'Sightscreen' in the subject line; my damn mailbox has its own ideas of what constitutes spam.


  • A little update for those of you subscribed to sportingstreams. The sports links in the forums area has a posting referring to some site called Indiancricket something or other. You follow that link and the new site is offering streams of the Indian - SA matches for $12 (for the remaining 4 matches). Yesterday the site was saying they had 350 slots left, last night they said 250 odd slots remaining (for the streaming) and today morning they said 300 odd slots remaining.
    I posted a comment on sportingstreams saying that first they got new members for the Indian SA series to pay $12. Then they are making an excuse that they couldnt find the link to stream and asking everyone to go to Indiancricket where the stream is being offered for another $12. What a sweet con!!
    And guess what? the people on sportingstreams removed my postings immediately. For a site which is letting all the abusive comments from members remain in the chain, it is really suspicious that they should remove my comments accusing them of fleecing the members (I posted in the sports link 'bookmark this site').

    By Blogger Gardhabh, at 12:02  

  • Prem - On the Dew thing, it just might be one of those old trick GC smith is trying to pull off by fooling the opposing captain. Although I dont think RD will buy that but Now that SA are one up, who knows..he actually might..;)

    And if really does that..guess who will have the last laugh...:)

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 12:45  

  • oracle guy,
    Graeme Smith does have a point. While the dew makes it really difficult to bowl in the latter part of the innings, it also quickens the pitch up in the early part of the innings. Furthermore, there is definitely more lateral movement available with the new ball at night. If the team batting first can post a significant total, in what appear to be great batting conditions, and then take advantage of the early assistance by taking some top order wickets, the lower middle order could come under severe pressure, and buckle. I'm sure the RSA seamers would actually prefer to bowl on a quicker surface at night, much like what they are used to, rather than bowling on a slow surface where variation in pace becomes vital (something the likes of Ntini don't do well-- I can't believe that after all these years in international cricket, he still can't bowl a slower ball, or so the RSA commentators say. How difficult is it to roll your fingers over the ball? But, I digress). I suspect Dravid may prefer batting first and really taking the sword to the RSA attack by promoting some of the bigger hitters, namely Dhoni, up the order on a surface with absolutely nothing in it for the seamers during the afternoon. However, in the end, I don't feel the dew will play a crucial role in deciding the match-- the team that plays better cricket on the day will win. You can win batting first, by posting a large total in very good batting conditions and then applying pressure while defending it, or you can back yourself to keep wickets in hand early on while chasing and significantly upping the tempo once the ball gets wet. Bat first, bowl first-- both have its advantages and disadvantages. Since this is Dravid's home ground, I would trust whatever decision he makes-- I hardly think it will be based on anything Graeme Smith has to say about a place in which he has never played.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 13:04  

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