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Friday, November 11, 2005

The 'D' factor

From the main page of the Hindustan Times, this bit relating to the arrest of gangster Abu Salem, and the possible consequences, to a former national player, if the guy starts to sing.
Elsewhere in the paper, Kumar Sangakkara (while on the Lankan keeper-batsman, why is he not vice captain of the Test squad? Not knocking Vaas -- he is by a mile the most under-rated seam and swing bowler in international cricket today, but surely KS is a more forward-looking choice?) on what the series has thrown up by way of learnings for the squad. In passing, here's a bit that sounds eerily familiar:
Sangakkara also sought to play down the news reports from Colombo that the selectors have decided to axe Jayasuriya from the forthcoming three-Test series against India in December, owing to his lack of form.
Jayasuriya has aggregated only 85 runs from 6 innings in the current ODI series.
"A lot of stories have been carried by the newspapers. It's hard to say if there's truth or not. But I know we have not had any such discussions here. After all you can't doubt the class of Sanath who has scored over 10,000 runs in international cricket," he said.

And finally, from HT, Amrit Mathur -- you may (more likely, may not) remember him as the former media manager of the national cricket team, and a bit of a player in cricket administration circles -- on Greg Chappell:
Whether someone should play at number three or thirteen is for Chappell to decide; he worries about Zaheer's fading swing, and shows concern that young spinners are disappearing, as threatened as the tigers in Ranthambore.
But should he get bogged down by minor details like banning lassi and laddoo, instructing hotel reception to set a morning alarm for players, employ jasoos to monitor their movements after sunset? A Chief Minister fighting an election, for instance, is meant to lead, not bother that the shamiana at his rally is erected properly.


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    By Blogger Aleksey, at 11:54  

  • interesting piece. but how far it is true. looks like its spiced up for the readers!!

    By Blogger Ragav, at 12:05  

  • Watch out the Shaminia...it might fall on a bunch of people.

    If people are not responsible enough and lack professionalism then what do you do? Some of these guys will have to be forced to do things.

    Well that was Zim and now it is a different story with all the lazy guys (example ZK) resting and guys with energy are helping indian team to win.

    By Blogger G285, at 12:10  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Prabu, at 12:11  

  • Prem:
    Is this former indian cricketer in the Abu salem case, Mr. Azzubhai? and the actress, Sangita Bizlani?

    By Blogger devatha, at 12:43  

  • Hmmm former India Crickter and an actress, now does that remind you some folks we know??? That former India Crickter who sold his country..??

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 13:05  

  • geez... by any chance is amrit mathur referring to robert frost?
    Also seems like this is the most he hath spoke. I dont remember him being half as lucid ever during his tenure as a "media manager"

    By Blogger indiansportsfan, at 13:30  

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