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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Dhoni line

Andre Nel in particular has figured out how to bowl to Dhoni -- swing wide of the stumps, angle it in on off, and pitch it three quarters or just back of, banging the ball in to lift it into the batsman primarily as a means of keeping him from coming on the front foot and hitting through the line, which is his preferred mode of self-expression.
On a tighter chase, this could well be crucial -- but with a set Dravid covering for Dhoni and the ask at this point reduced to 23 off 44 thanks to two successive fours (the second a chancy glide between keeper and slips) by Dravid, this is no longer a factor. It will, though, pay for the management to keep this ploy in mind -- more and more bowlers are apt to use it against the Indian keeper-batsman, and he needs to figure out a riposte, right quick.


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