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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Diversity in unity

The next time anyone talks of team unity, I'm apt to throw up. No, honestly. If the team is a microcosm of the country, why expect from 11 players drawn from our midst something we are not capable of ourselves?
That rant, necessitated by this story:
A crestfallen official summed it up best. ‘‘Bengal cricket will go back to what it was 20 years back. The man who did everything for Indian cricket is now gone. We don’t know if he will be back again. The same goes for Sourav. That terrible feeling is back, the one that we had 20 years back when Bengal cricket was at its worst,’’ he said.

Here's an amusing sidelight:
Yesterday’s comment by Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee didn’t go down well with the state’s cricket body. Hours after Dalmiya was dethroned and the hub of Indian cricket shifted base from Kolkata to Mumbai, the CM went on record saying: ‘‘Good riddance’’.
Bengal cricket officials, already distraught with the results, are fuming at his reaction. ‘‘Who is he, after all, to air his views in such a negative vein about Dalmiya losing the Board elections?’’ said a top CAB official.

Welcome to the club, Mr Bhattacharjee -- and learn its most important lesson: You are great, as long as what you say is what we think, and want to say ourselves. Depart from the party line, and you better be able to duck, quick, before the brickbats come flying at your head.
I mean, just the other day, the Bengal CM was a hero for his fighting talk on the lines of 'let's see how Sourav is kept out of the side'; and today? Um.


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