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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The exercise of Pawar

What the hell, I thought I would add my quota to the puns on the Pawar-power lines. :-) But seriously, what kind of administrator is Pawar likely to be? Sandeep Dwivedi does a take, in the Indian Express, on the question.
The most revealing clue to the change at the top came hours later, at the press conference. You’re a busy man, Mr Pawar, will you even take our calls, one reporter asked. ‘‘You don’t need to call me’’, the new BCCI president said. ‘‘I have an excellent team, call any of them, they are competent to deal with any situation.’’
The change in Indian cricket was not one of personality or geography—the centre of gravity shifts to Mumbai—but one of attitude. Where Jagmohan Dalmiya controlled everything, fielding all calls and pulling every string himself, his successor Sharad Pawar prefers a looser, more democratic system.

And on the same lines, this:
Pawar’s biggest drawback—he’s not known for his cricketing abilities—may actually be his strength. Officials in the Mumbai Cricket Association, which Pawar controls, offered insight into his style of working. ‘‘We only give him a call when we are stuck in something and need his high-level intervention’’, said one top official. ‘‘He believes that former cricketers should be given a bigger role in the affairs. Look at the MCA body, there are so many cricketers there.’’ There is much work to be done in the days ahead and Pawar and his team, speaking on the record and off it, unveiled an ambitious plan today. Indian cricket will be the better if even half of that is achieved.

PS: And with that, I'm out of here for the day, folks. Back with you tomorrow.


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