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Sunday, November 06, 2005

First ten overs

Viru Sehwag's was pretty much the chronicle of a dismissal foretold; from the moment Atapattu brought in a very short cover, almost a short mid on, to inhibit Sehwag driving on the off on the rise, he had been trying to hit off to leg; prior to his dismissal there were a couple of awkward clubs onto the on side. Batting that way, his dismissal was pretty much on the cards -- and now some serious thought ahead for the Indian VC, whose form in ODIs has been nothing to write home about lately. In fact, his lack of substantial innings seems to be telling on his mind -- the footwork and shot selection are not as pristine as they used to be.
Gambhir on the other hand has grabbed his chance, good for him. Firstly, he gets time in the middle against bowlers he will face soon enough in the longer version of the game; more to the point he makes a strong statement about his credentials as an opener (allowing the Indians the liberty of resting SRT more often, or even of batting either SRT or VS at three or lower -- a move I suspect you will see before this series is out). The lad hits clean, runs superbly between wickets, and is a good close in fielder, so if he comes good here, that is one more option he provides the think tank.
Dhoni going early could be a bit of a bummer for the fans at the stadium, but it has given Yuvraj, Rao and Raina the ultimate platform to parade their skills; both VR and SR were very impressive in the fourth game, and now likely will get an opportunity to plan longer innings; be very interesting to see how they go. 59/2, the score at the time of writing this, doesn't seem hot -- but absent silly cricket from the batsmen to follow, I suspect the team is still on course to post a sizeable total here. What makes a good score? Judging by the wicket, and the bowling options at India's disposal, I'd think they want 280 at least on the board to feel safe.


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  • Hi Guys!
    I just had one question to the supersub rule. Say in today's match, if Gambhir gets out, can Dravid then get him replaced by JP Yadav for the remainder of the match? Or is there is rule which stops him from replacing a batsman with another batsman? Cheers

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 05:23  

  • Prem, GG is playing well, taking full advantage of oppurtunity. India should push VS down, becos, he is out-of-form.

    YS is a deadwood...i think he should be out of ODIs..any thoughts on YS...

    By Blogger Rajg, at 06:00  

  • "he gets time in the middle against bowlers he will face soon enough in the longer version of the game"

    excellent point there Prem.

    By Blogger J, at 09:32  

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