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Friday, November 11, 2005

Fit and ready

Tomorrow, the Test team to take on Sri Lanka will be announced -- and Saurav Ganguly, here, says he is fit, ready, and able to play.
The Bengal CM goes on record on the subject:
“Who will prevent Sourav’s return to the national team? He will make a definite comeback,” a confident Bhattacharjee said in reply to a query on whether Ganguly would be able to regain his place in the Indian side.


  • hopefully inshallah he will not be selected

    By Blogger tombaan, at 12:08  

  • Prem:
    I thought that the selectors were only going to announce the team for the ODI'S for SA. Not tests. Probably the person asking SG got it wrong.

    Here is the post I went through yesterday in Deccan chronicle.

    Squad to be named after last one-dayer

    Baroda, Nov. 10: National selection committee chairman Kiran More said here on Thursday that the Indian squad for the forthcoming five-match-ODI series against the visiting South Africa will be declared after the Baroda match.

    BCCI president Ranbir Mahendra, honorary secretary S.K. Nair, joint secretary Gautam Dasgputa, and the five selectors will be among the 19,000 odd spectators witnessing the final encounter between the two neighbouring nations in the series.

    Taking advantage of an extra day, both the Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers preferred to rest on Thursday. The teams arrived in the city late on Wednesday evening from Rajkot to play the seventh match of the ongoing Videocon ODI series here at IPCL cricket ground on Saturday.

    More, who is also secretary of the Baroda Cricket Association, said both the teams decided to rest for the day before gearing up for the final contest.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 12:09  

  • yeah nice ... now let more politicians start itnerfering in selection matters ... soon we will see the politicalparties aligning with one cricketer or the other

    By Blogger GK, at 12:12  

  • Wtf!!!! This is definitely not cricket! Why did he stop at the West Bengal CM's door? The way CPM is doing a backseat driving job on the current central govt, he could have asked Manmohan Singh or even Kalam to issue a press statement. The guy seems intent on setting a new limit to how low public opinion can go against him.

    By Blogger Gardhabh, at 12:16  

  • Yeah ...tell Bengal CM that Cricket selection is not like running a communist state. Performance matters. Let these politicians stay away from Sports.

    Ganguly is an hinderance for this team to move forward.

    By Blogger G285, at 12:18  

  • Some food for all of your thoughts... I am reposting this, but what the heck... its good!

    Since the question of running bwn wkts and run outs has come up in the past, I thought one needs to look at the stats... and lo-and-behold... cricinfo has just published not one, but two:

    ODIS: http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/224487.html
    TESTS: http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/224489.html

    For SG and LAX haters... this should be revealing, for SRT/Mian Azzu even RD leads both in some form or the other, in some list or the other... and practically no where are LAX/SG more than the rest above [Lax is in fact no where in the lists, prolly bcoz he has played much less]... If SG leads RD in running out partners in tests by percentage, RD leads SG in the same list by actual number of dismissals... In the worst case scenario, SG is comparable to SRT in some lists...

    Amongst Indians, there are however some interesting surprises... Merchant for one... while others are expected... Kumble, Srinath etc...

    Interestingly, Yuvi is amongst the top fielders to have effected run outs in odis... while the much feted Kaif no where in the scene...

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 12:25  

  • Why does this not surprise me ? Shame on BB and SG for politizing this. It looks like there are no limits on the games SG plays to get his place in Team India.

    Regardless of form/fitness - the guy should kept out on sheer "attitude"

    By Blogger Jinendra, at 12:33  

  • oldmanblues

    what this stat compilation take into account though is how many times has the run-out been caused by the batsman turnning his back on the runner or vice versa. It is one thing to get run-out while running a tight single and completely another when you say yes-no-yes-yes-no-no-no-no

    By Blogger Prabu, at 12:35  

  • it also doesn't take into account in what situation in an ODI did the run-out occured...was it an unnecessary wicket at the start of the inning or a tight single attempted at death that caused it. Some times numbers are very deceiving

    By Blogger Prabu, at 12:39  

  • I think Bengal is the oonly state where the CM would care to meddle in the affairs of Cricket selection etc. I dont remember any India politician openly commenting or soliciting any players selection. John Howard has probably been the only non Indian politician getting involved in something murkey--- commenting on Murali being the chucker ...

    Anyway Sit Bhattacharya, pls concentrate on the Momtaas and Pranavs...leave Cricket alone

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 12:39  

  • You people are amazing indeed. Only two days ago there was a quote from the same CM where he said that he's not going to interfere in Ganguly's selection. Then, the reaction was favorable from the fans. Today he has given his personal opinion that Ganguly will definitely return. The same has been told by many ex-cricketers. So? What's the big deal? The CM is an avid cricket fan and often voices his opinions on cricket matters. Can't he even have an opinion? Isn't he entitled to his opinion? When an Akram or someone else says that Ganguly's days are over, I don't see many reactions. Why the fcuk bring CPM and communism into it? Shame on you folks !!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Jai, at 12:39  

  • GK, where did you see the WB CM 'interfering' in selection matters? Care to explain? If you have objection to politicians getting involved in cricket or other sports, show your protest against Sharad Pawar's nomoination. Or do you really believe he's going to change the face of BCCI?

    By Blogger Jai, at 12:42  

  • Jai first leave your Fs etc. behind, they dont say anything nice about you. 2nd, the issue is, this CM voices personal opinion only about Ganguli. So many people are dropped or selected...this guy never voiced his personal opinion about any...??

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 12:47  

  • jai,
    asking "who can stop ganguly from making a comeback ?" is if anything worse than interfering. it borders on threat. i would like to tell him that the selection comitee can keep ganguly out and i wish kiran more told him the same. and no im not against politicians getting involved in cricket so long as they do it in a proper manner

    By Blogger GK, at 12:50  

  • So? He's close to Ganguly and has voiced his personal opinion? What's the problem? Do all these ex-cricketers voice their opinions for every current cricketer's exclusion? Why the Ganguly exclusion has raised comments from so many different quarters? If you have a problem with my F, then why didn't voice your displeasure when someone else used 'wtf' on this very thread? Double standard eh?

    By Blogger Jai, at 12:51  

  • GK, so I assume you didn't read his earlier comments that he's not going to interfere on Ganguly matters. Does he even have the means to threaten anyone on Ganguly's exclusion? He's no way involved with cricket administration unlike some other politicians. So how can he force anyone to include Ganguly? Just because the reporter has pur his words in this fashion, you think this is a threat? Oh please, grow up GK. Or at least I hope you have grown up reading Indian media and know how they put sensetional quotes in their headlines.

    By Blogger Jai, at 12:55  

  • what can i say...i didnt notice the wtf but honestly how does it matter. If you think you will do something because someelse has...go on, I just thought this is a decent blog.

    cricketers commenting on cricketers is one thing. Politicians commenting on cricketers is another....again a matter of how you look at it

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 12:59  

  • well i did hear abt his earlier comments ... and while i hope he didnt mean it as a threat ... it certainly does not reflect too well on him or sourav to get involved in this manner ... this if anything will further increase the anti-Saurav sentiments in the country ...

    The complete article follows and I dont really see any twist put by the media - it is pretty much what he said.

    Rallying behind former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee on Friday said that the southpaw will make a ‘definite comeback’ to the national team.

    “Who will prevent Sourav’s return to the national team? He will make a definite comeback,” a confident Bhattacharjee said in reply to a query on whether Ganguly would be able to regain his place in the Indian side.

    Bhattacharjee, who was all praise for the cricketer, said he had a long telephonic discussion with Ganguly recently.

    The Chief Minister, however, declined to divulge details about his talks with Ganguly, now in Ahmedabad to lead East Zone in the Duleep Trophy final against West Zone.

    “Please, do not ask me the details,” Bhattacharjee said

    By Blogger GK, at 12:59  

  • reverse sweep, in our country at least a lot of politicians are involved with sports. Some may just like a sport or a sportsperson like the Bengal CM, but some others like Pawar or the late Schindia are/were actively involved in sports. Politicians are humans too and do have the freedom of speech. Even a filmstar has the right to voice his opinion. I remember reading many filmstars saying who their favorite cricketers are. If tomorrow Sachin is dropped and SRK says that Sachin will definitely be back, will you hold it against SRK? Why? Doesn't he has the right to voice his feelings? If you think that way, then I completely disagree with you. If Mr. Bhattacharjee takes up the Ganguly issue any further and presses for his inclusion by meeting the BCCI President or something of that sort, then I'll say he's crossing the line. But as a well wisher of Ganguly, he has the right to say that he feels Ganguly will be back and nobody can prevent that. Don't just focus on the exact words unless he has said that on television. The reporters in most countries twist a few words to give an attractive headline.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:08  

  • GK, please define 'involvement'. Unless the CM has taken any action that presses for Ganguly's inclusion, you can't call it 'involvement'. First of all, he has voiced his personal opion just like many people from different spheres of life have done. Secondly, if you are referring to the telephonic conversation, then that doesn't mean involvement. He has been close to Ganguly for a long time. He recently inaugurated Ganguly's academy. He may have called Ganguly to encourage him. At least he has always been known as Ganguly's well wisher. I think that's way better than someone like Durrani who first publicly criticized Ganguly and then when Ganguly was playing the Duleep match in Mumbai, went to the EZ dressing room to encourage Ganguly, shake hands with him with a photographer in tow. Ganguly the gentleman he is, behaved well with him. If I were in his place, I'd have thrown Durrani out of the dressing room.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:14  

  • Pawar and earlier Scindia or even NKP Salve, Wankhede etc. were involved in running the sport. Apparently Laloo wants to get involved too. However all that is running the sport.

    If he were to comment on everyone selected or dropped, it would have been different. He is not only a polotician but a CM running a state and then comments only on Gangulis exclusion because perhaps he happens to be from his state...thats how it looks

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 13:16  

  • is it jus as a fan or he is the communist ass putting pressure on the selectors and earning brownie points with the public
    comments like this will inflame the average asses we have a plenty in our country who could take to street,....people like cms and pms should keep it to themself
    it is like thackeray saying sachin should play who is going to stop him....that is enough for ammchi manus to take law in his hands

    By Blogger tombaan, at 13:17  

  • its not the test team getting selected tomorrow anyway speaks a lot about the reporters pedigree. lol. surely we shouldnt get worked up by what he has reported.

    By Blogger inoc, at 13:17  

  • reverse sweep, doesn't matter. He's close to Ganguly and that's why he spoke. Moreover, I don't think he called a press conference to convey his feelings on Ganguly. The reporters went to ask him and let me assure you that they didn't ask him about Laxman. C'm on dude, try to understand, if you are asked a question about a specific person, you will only answer about that person. Even the common fans often react when their favorite players are dropped. Thus, some have reacted to the exclusion of Laxman while others have reacted to the exclusion of Ganguly. You can't ask someone 'Hey, why are you reacting now? Why didn't you react when Mongia was dropped or Laxman was dropped?'. That's his personal choice. All I am saying is that the CM didn't get involved anyway by saying that.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:23  

  • Panijkar, precisely!! Typical politician saying things to inflame the already chest beating fans in the state so that he can bring it up during the election meeting and say how he supported the rights of the son of the soil.

    Leave Ganguli alone. If he is good and if the team has a role for him, he will come back if not just leave himto his luck and his game

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 13:25  

  • guys
    isnt it time to let the whole SG thing die?
    if he is selected in the team, it wont be as the captain. if he performs it'll be good for the team, if he does not perform, he will be thrown out. either way its a win-win situation for the team

    By Blogger JD, at 13:26  

  • I agree that CM expressed his opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. However if any of the selectors get pressured by him or if there are any back stage activities that is when things should be worry some. As long as Ganguly is kept out of the team till he performs very well and merits a selection these kinds of comments dont bother me one bit.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 13:42  

  • ramshorns, the selectors chose to ignore Ganguly despite pressures. Many ex-cricketers including Gavaskar felt that Ganguly should be included. I don't think the selectors only go by external pressure. Btw, there's a good chance that both Ganguly and Laxman will be back for the test series. Now if he does, don't blame that on the Bengal CM.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:53  

  • LAX is a certainity for the tests as for SG his greatest chance of success imho will be in the ODI's, but it looks like the selectors might be more inclined to include him in the tests.

    By Blogger JD, at 13:59  

  • @gk, Can you say that to Mr. Sharad Pawar friend? Or to IS Mahendra? Or for that matter to Bindra who is a crony of politicians?

    There is a method in which Rediff works against Ganguly. They selectively picks up pieces from news that do not help him. this is one example. It has got nothing to do with SG and he did not ask for it.

    I remember Rediff posting details about SG hate site and giving full URL and hit statistics etc. No other self-respecting media covered it at that time.

    All of these makes one wonder: why is Rediff so mucg against SG?

    By Blogger SS, at 13:59  

  • Jai:
    I want to hear the story behind it you posted on the other heading. ***N MONGIA****. Give it to me. Unless you will get into trouble or something. Atleast some snippets.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 14:09  

  • Everyone knows that Ganguly was out of form for a long time. But IF his removal from team and captaincy is due to non-cricketing reasons, then whats wrong in a non-cricketer in this case a politician making a statement!! Anyway, WB CM's statement expresses confidence he has in Ganguly and nothing else. Wonder since when has SG become such a villain that an expression of support for him has become political. Does anyone care to give respect to him for all his contributions?!! Do read this : http://www.hindu.com/2005/10/30/stories/2005103007572000.htm

    By Blogger dust bowl curator, at 14:11  

  • After watching the last few odi's I am tempted to say that Shewag is much mucccccch better coatain than Dravid. The way he marshalled the bowlers, filed changes, and the respect he commands from team mates
    + hsi body language is better than dravid- no comparisson at all.. Also Dravid has been plain lucky with the cameso from Boelrs and BATSMEN on a falt wicket they are used to.. I bet the same team will be siiting ducks outside India ...the Bowling cahnges of DRAVID WAS NOT WISE and the mcuh talked about Thinking CAPTAIN IS THE BIGGEST FARSE ... THE POWERPLAY ADAPTED in Nagpur was logical and common sense - even for a 10 year old.

    Shewag should immediately be made captain for Team India ODI FROM THE SA sereis-- if you have to look beyond the horizon


    By Blogger balaji_flat_wicket, at 14:11  

  • @ss,

    rediff is doing a fair job and you are talking against the interest of indian team

    Apart from 4 centuries against holland, Namibia, Kenya

    Avg of Ganguly in last two years in ODI = 27.0

    In last 20 ODIs it is 19.0 with no contribution in wins. Sehwag's recent avg is also not good but he plays key role in important wins.

    Who was worst fielder in the team and how much good fielding helps in wins?

    ss sucks when he favours SG without any proper ground

    By Blogger Shivam, at 14:12  

  • Guess the selectors could give the guy enough rope to hang himself by selecting him for the tests. But there is the risk of collateral damage - he has (as is evident from the vitriolic postings in this blog) the great potential of polarizing people. The team is just now recovering from his latest excrements, inserting him back like the proverbial wolf in sheep clothing, is going to divert everyone's attention from the task on hand of playing to win to watching the dynamics of the interactions between the major entities. The job of the selectors is to put up a winning team, not to put up the top 11 (or 15) cricket playing people in the nation.

    By Blogger Gardhabh, at 14:17  

  • SG should gracefully retire. Getting reco from CM babu is stretching things...what does Budh deb(v??) know about cricket.
    Test batting spots are filled...no room for headache.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 14:18  

  • @dust bowl curator,

    SG has been given so much credits for whatever he did in the past. But from last two years he has taken everything away...then let us take credit from him...you have to be fair...when he was contributing he was given credit...even when he started sucking, everybody kept supporting him...but from year 2001 he is out of form...now from last two year he is only thinking about himself...and due to this team was suffering and losing like anything...still is wants to stick to the team forever...now how can you give him credit...had it been some other great player like Seteve waugh or anybody he would have retired with full respect. If Ganguly earned +80 points for serving Indian team he has earned -90 in last two years. Give him total of -10 marks out of 100 for his overall contribuation to the Indian Cricket...

    By Blogger Shivam, at 14:19  

  • All
    One request, can we all move to the open thread and blog there as we are talking varying topics anyways.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 14:34  

  • shewag captain of Team India ...down with Dravid

    By Blogger tami_telu_Nort, at 14:36  

  • shivam:

    I don't disagree with you completely.

    I am ok with
    1) SG was out of form and he doesn't deserve place in ODI side.
    2) His position as leader weakened and that MIGHT, to a significant extent, have contributed to our loss in a number of finals. So he does not deserve captaincy.

    These two things have happened to many a great cricketers. So may be SG will work his way back or may be he will retire. But I do not think he deserves vitriolic words. I am curious to know whats generate this kind of reaction.

    By Blogger dust bowl curator, at 14:36  

  • Shewag fro Team India Captian.. down with dravid.. look beyond the horizon ... save team India

    By Blogger tami_telu_Nort, at 14:42  

  • Dust Bowl:

    Dont worry about Not So Satyam Shivam Ganguly Fuckdom :) :)

    Ganguly haters will be Rahul haters in the future. And so on and on. Just read the article from Harsha Bhogle that came out on Indian Express. That is a true story buddy

    By Blogger makesense, at 14:47  

  • maksense you make a lot of sense. After all when Team India were winning, did we hear any bad words on Ganguly? So we will see how these fair weahther fans treat Dravid only when the team is not doing well.

    By Blogger Bhairo Singh, at 14:50  

  • makesense: ya i read one about a specator holding the placard "Tendulkar-master, Dhoni-Blaster..." thing. true to the word "how fickle!!!".

    By Blogger dust bowl curator, at 14:53  

  • When Azzu got dropped or when Lax gets dropped , it is not such a big thing in AP. Nor it is a huge deal when a guy from TN gets dropped. No other state takes it personally to the extent that a CM makes a comment. What's happening? Any comment/opinion from politicians should be taken with a pinch of salt. Hope this Buddh guy keeps his opinions to himself. There are other important things he can deal/solve. For God's sake, give it a rest.

    By Blogger flute, at 14:57  

  • @Flute: It is we who make a mountain out of a mole-hill. It was just a comment in passing expressed as a personal opinion.

    By Blogger sauravganguly, at 15:09  

  • found this on the net

    After the WC final, John Wright was so sad he decided to go to the Aussie coach for tips. So he goes to the aussie team practice and asks their coach, "what's your secret?" He dosen't reply, instead calls Ricky Ponting. "Ricky, who's your father's brother's nephew?" Ponting replies,"Why, coach,that's easy. It's me." "See John, that's the secret;a smart captain."

    Wright is delighted; he goes back to India and to the Indians' practice session. Calls Sourav Ganguly. "Hey Sourav, who's your father's brother's nephew?" Ganguly looks perplexed. "umm..coach, can I get back to you on that?" Wright is digusted and tells Ganguly to get back to him. In the nets, Ganguly asks Dravid, "Rahul, the coach just asked me the weirdest question. Can you tell me the answer?"
    "OK, what's the question?" "Who's your father's brother's nephew?" "That's easy, Sourav, it's me."

    So Ganguly goes back to Wright. "Coach, I just got the answer- my father's brother's nephew is Rahul Dravid!" The coach explodes. "NO NO NO, you idiot! It's Ricky Ponting!"

    By Blogger natty, at 15:15  

  • @shivam,
    Syou suck when you talk on something totally different than what I say and yet blame me for that!!!

    I was talking about two things:

    1. SG is no way connected with what BB has said..so do not at least bring SG into it.
    2. Rediff carefully picks up bad press about SG and spreads it thin. This has nothing to do with SG's performance etc. You must be out of your mind to bring SG's performance in this discussion.

    By Blogger SS, at 16:11  

  • @shivam,

    SG out of from since 2001???

    Man, you bit the shit out of statistics. Which book do you read from?

    By Blogger SS, at 16:13  

  • @flute,
    I have read multiple newspaer reports on the BB-SG relation. BB is an openly declared cricket fan ( ..actually he almost never goes to see football matches even though he is form a state which is football crazy..that speaks volumes about his affinity) and also he is personally attached. I think he talked in his personal capacity. Otherwise it sound very weired.

    However, judging on the same scale, crickters have not been far away from poitlicians in many states. When betting scandal was on, there was open discussion on how Naidu will create problem for center if Azzu is openly convicted.

    By Blogger SS, at 16:18  

  • I guess if Bal Thakaray says a few nice words about Sachin, then it's ok. But hey, how dare can anyone support Ganguly? Who is this CM, we have taken care of even Gavaskar who supported Ganguly. Can't these guys learn that it's a crime to support Ganguly now?

    By Blogger Bhairo Singh, at 16:36  

  • You are right flute. The whole state of WB took it personally. All the Bengalis went to the CM's house and demanded that he support Ganguly. Some of the goons even broke into the house, put a gun on CM's head and forced him to make that comment. I agree with you. Raj Singh can have an opinion, Bedi can have an opinion and express that to the media. But the Buddh guy should keep his opinions strictly to himself.

    By Blogger Jai, at 16:40  

  • jai,ss & sauravganguly,
    It is ok for a CM to have his opinion but don't you think he should use his better judgement and just keep his opinion to himself? A guy from WB still controls BCCI and his coming out openly vitiates the atmoshpere further and even if Gangs is selected on merit later on, it did leave a question mark. There is a reason that judges,presidents etc don't air their opinions publicly. Now that we know Budh's preference, if he crosses Jaggu's path in any party or function in WB, it is a huge huge conflict of interest thing.

    Guys, just don't go ballistic and blindly support gangs in everything. Try to strengthen the system/process. My considered preference is, politicians should be kept out of the cricket & sports. It just doesn't make sense for them to poke ther finger into sports. Now, the underlying problem is, Budh being a politician detected a certain political profit from this public posture, my fervent hope is, bengalis prove him wrong.

    By Blogger flute, at 17:12  

  • SG is goner. No point talking abt goner.

    By Blogger Glorious Uncertainty(GU), at 18:04  

  • I learnt from one very reliable source close to bigwigs in selection committee that SG will be brought back as test captain so as to give him proper send off. 3 of the 5 in the committee are rooting for this.Any bets on this?

    By Blogger laks1234, at 22:11  

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