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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The importance of being Irfan

A little puff piece, here, on Irfan Pathan from the point of view of his home town.
Former Vadodara pacer and later selector Mukesh Narula talks about how Pathan deals with the lows. ’’The real test for a player comes when he is injured. The ankle injury had ruled him out meant he couldn’t bowl, but that didn’t stop him from working hard,’’ he says. Narula recalls the Baroda Cricket Association gym become Pathan’s favourite hang out. ’’Whenever I used to go the office I used to see him working on his upper body. There are people who take things easy after getting injured, but not him.’’

And this bit, on his beavior in the dressing room:
’’His interaction with the seniors was exemplary. Always eager to learn and never ever afraid to take up a challenge,’’ he says. He remembers how whenever there was a need to send in a night-watchman he was the first to put his hands up. Him being a part of Chappell’s No 3 experiment is just because of his willingness to acquire new skills without the apprehension to test them.

And while on Vadodara, another mood piece, on cricketers sampling local restaurants, shopping, and such.


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