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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kirsten's kudos

Gary Kirsten, in his sign-off piece after the fifth ODI between RSA and India:
The hosts, on their part, showed resilience in keeping up with the punishing schedule of recent weeks and recovering the lost ground. Both have made progress and are formidable one-day units. They are the teams in form.

On Yuvraj Singh:
It would be unfair not to mention Yuvraj Singh for he has been very impressive. He has got great pair of hands and I really liked the way he played under pressure in the series.
In the past he might have taken on too much but the new Yuvraj seems nicely tempered between aggression and caution. His footwork and shot selection has improved enormously.
He has a star presence in one-day cricket where he makes critical contribution in the field and with bat, not to forget his spin bowling which could be extremely handy for the Indians in 2007 world cup.

And on the two teams:
The turnaround in their one-day form has been stunning and credit must go where it is due. It would appear that under the new team management and fresh young talents, a cohesive, powerful unit is in the making.
South Africa too are under a hungry, young leader and has players who can perform multi-functions. It's fielding is probably the best in the world and if they could perk up their batting a notch or two higher, it would only help them grow further. As it is, they are making the world take notice of their progress.


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