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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Men in fright masks

Integrity scares me; the sort of post-facto integrity that awakens once all chances of personal profit are lost. Vide this bit from Yashpal Sharma, on how scary selection meetings have been, in the Greg Chappell era.
He also indicated that Chappell's power in the board was reaching alarming proportions. "I've attended meetings," he said. "It's like being in a dictatorship. Anyone who tells Greg Chappell that other opinions can be allowed, is being removed."

Yes, Yashpal, you have attended meetings -- for over six months now. Why, pray, didn't your democratic fervor, your antipathy to dictators, not wake till you lost your berth on the selection committee? Why, if you needs must fly the flag of integrity, did you not hoist it during all these months when you, like the rest, filed your share of one day before one day after bills?
No, seriously -- aren't you sick and tired of seeing such self-serving pronouncements? A politician merrily sucks up to the head of the party; one day, he fails to get something he wants -- and lo, integrity awakens with a thunderclap. The Pawars of this world, for instance, have found nothing but good in Sonia Gandhi -- until the forced parting of ways, at which point on, lo, there comes the stream of pronouncements about what a danger she is to India and to our democratic ideals. A Chhagan Bhujbal, a Narayan Rane, a Sanjay Nirupam -- all of these and more were happy playing Bal Thackeray's hatchet; then, as for one reason or other each found his importance in the hierarchy diluted, lo, 'democratic ideals' woke from the Rip Van Winkle slumber, and burst forth in a cascade of public utterances.
Wait and watch -- it is early days yet, but over the weeks, you can confidently expect to see those who have thus far hung onto Jagmohan Dalmiya's coat-tails start to feel their consciences; and then will come the pronouncements, from erstwhile cronies, of just how bad a bloke JD always was. Sheesh!
A note to those in the public eye: If you really want to be taken seriously, question injustice when you perceive it to happen; not when you are done lining your pockets, and there is nothing more to be had.


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