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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New brooms

Equally with the performance of the Indian team, the performance of the BCCI is going to be keenly watched these next few months; here, from the Telegraph, early clues to what could be in the offing.
Instead of a much talked about Chief Executive Officer, the Board may actually appoint two very senior professionals — general manager (cricket operations) and general manager (finance and marketing).
“Mr Pawar would like the two biggest roles to be separated, something he has managed to do in Mumbai, and handled professionally. However, any move towards professionalism must first be approved by the working committee,” a senior member of his group told The Telegraph

And, significantly, this:
The first working committee meeting under the new dispensation is going to be held in Mumbai on Sunday. Apparently, Pawar wants it to meet “once” every month and not at irregular intervals.

Now that last is a real change -- under the earlier dispensation, decisions were taken; in some cases, they were even implemented; and then, once in a while, the working committee was whistled up to rubber stamp it.


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