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Monday, November 28, 2005

The new philosophy?

Was just reading Rohit Brijnath's piece on Dravid. Since Rohit obviously spoke to him (and judging by the piece, RD was his usual self, willing to talk of game theory and/or philosophy, but not willing to name names), and hence this piece likely resonates with what the writer was told, off or on record, this bit kind of stood up and asked that notice be taken:
His philosophy is matter of fact. Wasters, complainers, the lethargic, those who say why did 'X' get the new ball and not me, builders of cliques, players who don't smile at another man's success, these fellows need not apply, will not pass muster. Thanks, but no.
"It's very important to have the right people on board," he says. "We get caught up in visions and goals but it's first about getting the right people on the bus and wrong people off. If you have the right people, right attitude, right behaviour, you find a way."


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