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Thursday, November 10, 2005

One offie on another

EAS Prasanna believes Bajji is living up to his role as senior spinner. Pras also has interesting things to say about why the Lankans are failing.
Asked about Harbhajan’s counterpart Muttiah Muralitharan’s lack of form in the series, Prasanna said: "Murali is bowling too short. He is not pitching the ball up and that has helped Indian batsmen like Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni to cut him easily. “It is well known that you should never bowl short on Indian wickets — that’s applicable to both pacers and spinners. Still, the Lankans have repeatedly bowled short."

On the current Indian team:
One-day cricket, according to Prasanna, is game for youngsters. And it's here that he compliments Chappell. "The best thing is that the average age of the cricketers is around 22-23. One can see the difference in the team. “The Rajkot match bears testimony to my statement: Dravid didn't play, yet the team won. I admire Chappell's experiments during this series and the way he has given confidence to young blood. He is on the right track," said Prasanna.

And on Saurav Ganguly:
As for Sourav Ganguly, Prasanna feels that he has to improve his agility to stage a comeback. "Fitness is an aspect of the game which has gained in importance since the 1980s. Sourav has to work hard on his fielding and physical fitness to claim a place in the team," he said.


  • Prem: In an earlier post you wrote "The venues for the three Tests versus SL has been announced.".. shouldn't that be "venues..have been announced". I love this blog..and I assume the prevailing wisdom may be that standards are lower for blogs..but trivial spelling (the other day lose was spelt as loose - and the excuse given was that it was not caught by spellcheck!) and grammatical errors in the main section of the blog are annoying.

    By Blogger losing now, at 18:55  

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