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Sight Screen

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Outa here

mr achin, who apparently believes that free speech only applies to him, has taken the trouble to block me out.

Cool -- the game is pretty much a no-brainer now, so will go pull it up full screen, and watch in comfort.

Be off the map this weekend, guys, see you all Monday.


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    By Blogger ProV1, at 03:48  

  • Prem,

    I think he is blocking u by u'r ip address. Do u have a static ip?

    Can u introduce a router in between. This way everytime he blocks u just change u'r ip:)

    By Blogger cricfan, at 04:31  

  • cricfan: yes, real genius. If he introduces a NAT router in between, the site still sees the same public IP assigned to him by his ISP and not the private IP assigned to him by his router. Won't help. What might help is begging me to stop.

    By Blogger achinb, at 05:54  

  • Prem begging you!!!. Come on now achinb, I thought you are way smarter than this.

    By Blogger krish, at 05:58  

  • krish: these guys aren't smart. they just learn a few tricks from others and (mis)use them to irritate people. there is a term for such people: script kiddie. see this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_kiddie

    i'm new to commenting on blogspot so i don't understand the details of how he's doing it. Right now, the only thing i can think of is that he has access to prem's ISP and maybe is initiating his attack from there. If i find some enthu, i'll discuss this with some friends on irc and find out more.

    By Blogger Chetan Reddy, at 07:50  

  • It's really quite pathetic that the only way someone is able to get his rocks off is by trying to take down someone else.
    Here's an idea- Prem, why don't you spread the word about this jerk? Considering the high value attached to free speech by bloggers there's sure to be someone out there who can trace and take this guy down. There are amny forums who deal with spammers this way. some boards do this by tracing the guy and publishing his ID, personal info and any other available info on the web. It's worth a shot. Throw the infantile jerk to the wolves.

    By Blogger djlykan, at 12:43  

  • I was reading the second innings blog and could not understand why people were answering achinb. I think he should be ignored. And can't somebody block him as soon as he starts posting.

    By Blogger Ignore Achinb, at 14:05  

  • he'll come back as achinc

    By Blogger Chetan Reddy, at 20:41  

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