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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Overs 1-10

18 consequtive dot balls at the start of an innings would apply excruciating pressure, in the normal course -- but India had to have known two things going in: One, that SA would come very very hard at them with the new ball, given it is their best chance; and two, that they could if they needed to play out ten maiden overs on the trot and *still* not have to chase at over 4.1 (true, the scenario would have been different had India been batting first -- but here, the target and asking rate are up there on the giant scoreboard, large as life and twice as natural).
Which is why Sachin's rush-of-blood shot was inexplicable (the catch at the rim of the circle was good, yes, but the batsman was in no position for the shot, hitting on the up to a ball on the short side guaranteed he got it high up, and would never get elevation or distance). About now, his lack of runs should be worrying the management.
Pathan, at three, is interesting -- puts two left handers on the park, and seems unnecessary given the nature of the chase, when the more conventional approach would have been Dravid. But on this, I reckon the team is backing the lad given how well he has been batting, letting him have more opportunities and settle more firmly into that mindset. Safe enough, considering that even if he fails, India has the batting to overhaul this one.
South Africa thus far, immaculate in the lines and angles they have bowled -- and perfectly to the field set; in a sense, this is a great opportunity for India to test itself and find its feet against high quality pace bowling, ahead of the games to come.


  • different tack...

    "Pollock to Pathan, one run, defended to silly mid-off and they take
    off a dangerous single - Ontong moves in quickly but fails to hit
    the stumps at the bowler's end and Pathan lives on - direct hit
    would have been fatal"

    ontong subbing but not supersubbing, eh?

    - nocaps

    By Blogger googler, at 09:07  

  • Tendulkar has been throwing away his wicket needlessly quite a bit of times now, especially after doing all the hard work. Wonder what is going on with him? I get the feeling now he will go back into his infamous shell, grinding it out...

    By Blogger Multy, at 09:21  

  • "JL Ontong (AB de Villiers, India innings, 0.0 ov).

    never mind ...

    - nocaps

    By Blogger googler, at 09:29  

  • Pity Gambir got out. He is making good use of the extended run given to him.
    Pathan continues to amaze.

    By Blogger Mano, at 09:41  

  • Sending Pathan at #3 is really working on Indian pitches. But will it not backfire elsewhere? Why not have a proper #3, like say, Dravid? Or Doo-nee (as Smith calls him! :-))
    Maybe this point has been beaten to death earlier, haven't checked all earlier posts.

    By Blogger yadi yada, at 09:48  

  • I believe a reason for promoting Pathan would be that he had a good outing with the ball...hence was high on confidence which again reflected in his batting.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 14:03  

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