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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Overs 1-10

Outside of an absolute horror a foot down leg and going wider from Pathan in the ninth over, the standout factor this time round is that the Indians have, on a pitch more friendly for batting than bowling, stuck immaculately to basics.
Tight line in the off corridor, 3/4 length dictated by a wicket on which the ball is not really coming on at a hittable bounce, and a packed offside ring -- almost faultless. That discipline underlined best by the fact that thus far, there has been just *one* wide, and no no-balls; both Indian opening bowlers bowling within themselves here unlike in the first game, where they tried too hard for pace and ended up bowling all over the shop.
De Villiers didn't look any too impressive in his first outing; his wicket therefore pretty much in the run of play. Smith, with this shuffle he seems to have picked up (worma reckons it is an adjustment for these conditions -- I'd reckon it actually puts him in a cramped position to play), was asking for the LBW. Kallis was pure pressure -- two wickets down, not on a seam-friendly pitch like last time but on a batting deck where 300 has to be par batting first, and Kallis eschewed the luxury of settling in and flailed at a ball wideish of off, going wider (rather amusing bit in commentary, of how Pathan had set that up -- seemed more batsman error than anything else).
First up, what this bowling -- and the fall of three quick wickets -- has done is given Rahul Dravid the luxury of holding back his spinners till at least the 16th over, if not later, letting them bowl on a track that will give some turn, with a slightly older ball that will offer more purchase.
A couple of non-cricket points: One, prefer not to podcast just yet, will get that set up after this series. And two, my email address (vide agni's post) is the one on my profile -- might help to put Sightscreen in the subject line.
Back to the game, and I reckon SA will do well to make 260 here, with three quick ones down and India today fielding the full complement of five bowlers. And if they do, they will be 30 runs at the least below where they need to be.
PS: At the end of 11 overs, 51 dot balls against six singles is a very good indicator of the bowling line, and the field placing - thus far, this has been a case of do unto SA before SA do unto us.


  • Prem, India is in good position. For super-sub, team should always opt for a batsman. Toss is the key, if India bowls first...one of the bowlers can be subbed.
    If we bat first, sub will be redundant for 90% of time..except something like 1st ODI scenario....

    Any one noticed whether Rahul found a new cap *L*

    By Blogger Rajg, at 05:51  

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