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Friday, November 25, 2005

Overs 11-20

The 'inexperienced' Rudra Pratap Singh appears, on the evidence, to have thought through the game better than his more experienced opening partners -- by the simple expedient of tight line and length, the seamer presented even Graeme Smith with his share of problems; he was during this phase unlucky to see Andrew Hall glove a clever bouncer, which took the batsman by surprise, just over the head of an MS Dhoni caught between running back for it or leaping.

Bajji started off with the
sort of performance that has been the norm throughout this season; immaculate control, intelligent variety, and teasing, probing off spin in all its variations. Smith's confidence, though, showed when in the 17th, he shimmied down the track and lofted the offie clean back over his head, and over the ropes; cleverly, he then stayed back, anticipating the shorter, quicker delivery, and swept the follow-up four.

Murli Karthik, introduced in the 16th, came up with the interesting option of going around the wicket to the left handed Graeme Smith, looking to angle the ball across the left hander and then turn it back in; Smith's counter -- staying back, letting the ball come to him and then picking the spot to play it through -- was very effective.

Hall and Smith elected to sit on the splice, taking the odd run that was on offer, eschewing pyrotechnics, and playing the old fashioned waiting game -- a tactic they could afford, having restricted India to a low score and then gotten off to a great start.

Having scored 45/0 in the first 10, SA doubled that score in this set; Smith, yet again, doing all the running while at the other end, all Hall had to do was stand around and admire his captain.


  • dravid drops almost regulation catch at slip...sums up the day for him

    By Blogger Rakesh, at 09:55  

  • Is there a way that TWI can be provided feedback on their production?
    I found Arun Lal's commentary quite insipid and totally biased. It takes away from the good job the others are doing in making it a success. The mocking tones of the SA commentators in indirectly referring to sections of the crowd cheering the SA team (for obvious reasons) was quite grating on the nerves.
    I was just hoping that RD would not let his nerves take over and make some comment like the little master SMG did years back about the Eden Garde crowd.
    Third game to go with the toss.
    Third game lost to rain in CHennai on the trot.
    Organisers - zero out of ten.
    The smirk on JD's face said a ton about the cheapskate he his - gave a greentop on a salver to Graeme Smith. But worst of all showing you are glad in India losing in this comprehensive manner shows that you are thrilled that yr personal opponents got a licking, let the national team go for a toss. I am sure that the Mumbai effort will also be decided by the coin - just pray that RD wins the toss.
    But overall this series refused to meet expectations of seeing which is a better team - there never was a level playing field provided to both the sides.

    By Blogger Gardhabh, at 11:14  

  • http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/india/content/story/227286.html
    thats the link to the new chappel controversy

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 14:31  

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