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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Overs 21-30

3, 2, 0, 0, 0, 3, 3, 3, 4 -- that scoring sequence has to have nailed South Africa to the mast.
India going for wickets -- it’s good to see a slip and a short leg in the 23rd over, Murali Karthik’s first; better yet to see that attacking field being persisted with through this period.
An even better sight was to see Harbhajan, when Karthik started with a full toss, field at midwicket, then run up to the bowler, ball in hand, for a quick word – that kind of involvement is gradually coming back into the side, and that’s the best sign yet.
RP Singh’s first spell, which went for 4.4, a bit aberrant by his own standards, at least in part because he looked to bowl fuller than his two seam partners had in their own spells, rather than going ¾ and slowing the ball down on line. His spell went for 22/30; his 4.4 run rate in marked contrast to Agarkar’s 2.33 and even Pathan’s 3.83.
Sehwag replacing Singh in the 28th – and striking immediately to a dodgy decision which seems to even out two very good shouts not given – was one of cricket’s little ironies; Harbhajan bowled a dream spell, giving 17 runs in 42 deliveries (32 dot balls to seven singles and one two), with just one wicket to show for it. The spell had it all – flight, turn, loop, incredible control, and a seeming ability to get into the batsman’s mind and out-think him.
Ashwell Prince – you have to feel for him; he seems to have not faced quality spin before – playing the role of India’s supersub here; 30 off 68 (51 dot balls) only to fall into the obvious trap and try to clear the field (mid on and mid off were brought in for just that reason).
Outside of one clear miss at slip, and one half chance, Dravid hasn't put a foot wrong so far in the captaincy stakes; you would reckon on this evidence that he'll opt to continue the ploy of choking SA with spin for as long as he has overs left of his two main bowlers and Sehwag -- would be very very surprised though if he brought on SRT; the one thing India won't want at this point is an over that goes for runs and more to the point, eases the pressure.


  • Whats a good score on this wicket leaving SA with a fighting chance ? Still think its 300 ?

    By Blogger Defensive Investor, at 06:22  

  • prem,
    thats what i thought abt SRT as well...did not want him to bring on SRT and maybe ease the pressure for SA. But, why is it now when we think of SRT we think that way?
    There was a point in time when we may have said, Lets get SRT to bowl and his slow spinners will be useful. Is SRT's value as a part time spinner dimnishing for us?

    By Blogger Glorious Uncertainty(GU), at 07:39  

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