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Friday, November 25, 2005

Overs 21-30

Very gradually, Yuvraj and Kaif have been settling down to the sort of batting they are capable of, but havent displayed in tandem since the Natwest final.

Yuvraj, the man in form, is the natural aggressor; Kaif, more of the accumulator who, if he lasts through the innings, is capable of some late eye-popping hitting. And that seems to be the roles they have slipped into here.

This 10 over phase has been like the curate's egg -- good in parts, a touch ugly in other parts; but it's been totally effective, and as the 30-over mark is passed, these two have besides scoring at a brisk pace bought a bit of slack for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, setting him up nicely for a late charge at a defensible total.

The characteristic of their Natwest association that stands out in memory is the cool, calculated use of the single as a means of keeping the board ticking over; that hasn't been as much in evidence here, with the two, at the end of 19 overs, managing between them 14 singles and 5 twos against 56 dot balls. You could say one reason is the attacking field Smith has consistently set, but that is chicken and egg territory -- such fields are typically best displaced by clever placements and a steady drip drip drip of singles. On the big hits, though, there has been little to complain of -- the boundaries, especially by Yuvraj, have been struck with impressive timing and confidence.

SA has a problem referred to earlier -- the bowling, after the first ten, twelve overs, falls away quite dramatically. Langeveldt produces surprising pace and movement, mostly through optimum use of a bull-like physique, but the bowling effort during this period is noticeably shy of the standards Pollock in particular set during his stint.

India entering a key phase here -- if these two bat through to 40, adding say 45 runs in that period, India could well have wrenched control of the game back into its hands.

At the end of 30, 127/5 -- 50 runs scored in the period, without further loss of wickets, makes this the first real session the Indians have had the upper hand in.


  • i think if kaif ,MSD,AA and HS play well we can reach 250 that sud give us a hance, it didn't make sense to play gambhir today we needed another quick or at least JP as the supersub. The top batsmen must do thee job,no 2 ways abt it. no one ssems to be therre all disappointed?

    By Blogger Avinash, at 06:46  

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