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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Overs 31-40

There have been six maidens in the South African innings thus far, and a further six overs that have produced just one run each; 25 runs in this phase and a score of 121/6 at the end of 40 overs means India is sure of one thing already: irrespective of how hard the SA batsmen go at them in the last ten (and Bajji has three overs to go here), the chasing side knows, already, that if it bats out 50 overs here it can *not* lose.
The use of spin throughout, from the 13th over when Bajji was introduced, was perhaps indicated by the wicket (Dravid in fact said as much at the toss); what is interesting here though is the way the bowlers, Sehwag and Karthik, are hurrying through their overs. 12 bowled in 34 minutes is amazing -- that is the kind of pace that doesn't allow the batsmen to settle, to think, regroup; pressure, applied in a not-so-apparent manner (of course, the fact that not too many balls are being hit about helps that kind of over rate; conversely, the bowlers haven't allowed the batsmen that sort of liberty).
For SA going into the slog phase, the gameplan can only be accumulation -- the bowling has been too tight to afford luxuries. SA knows, at this point, that it needs at the very very least somewhere in the vicinity of 240; it will take a miracle to get within 40 runs of even that revised target.


  • I am not a Gang's basher. But one area SG did not do well was time management and was fined several times for slow over rates etc.
    Just wanted to make a quick comment.

    By Blogger wowcricket, at 07:46  

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