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Friday, November 25, 2005

Overs 31-40

In a sense, the dismissal of Yuvraj Singh (53 off 78; 51 dot balls, 13 singles, 6 twos, 7 fours) was not badly timed for India, since it brought Dhoni to the crease with 14 overs to go; not too much to force Dhoni into a more defensive style, nor too little to prevent him full freedom for self-expression.

It was still a pity, though, that a casual play at a top spinner from Botha trapped Yuvraj in front; a couple of superbly caressed cover drives in the previous over indicated that he was just about beginning to pull free of the restraints, a few more overs of him in top gear could have helped the Indian cause along.

The fall of Kaif, cramped on a pull in the 40th over, was potentially the more damaging blow; at that point in the match, his brief was more to see the team through to the 50-over mark and more particularly, to rotate the strike so Dhoni could get his eye in and be set to launch post the 45-over mark. An uncharacteristic shot producing that unnecessary wicket rocked India right back, just when it seemed they had ensured a measure of parity.

Kaif's 46, off 63, included 23 singles to 43 dot balls, plus a two, four fours and a five. At the end of 40 overs, India 173/7, having scored 46 and lost two in the session, to chalk up another one for SA.

Talking of SA, unless my clock has stopped, the fielding side is more than a touch behind on over rates -- makes me wonder if it will be docked the odd over or three at the chase?


  • i think that rule has been long gone. you dont lose overs for bowling slowly

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 06:56  

  • see worma...
    perect example of waht I was saying about Dhoni..he was completely wasted today. What does the management think?he is a magician?He DESERVES more overs to bat...
    thats all...I rest my case.
    Good bye.

    By Blogger mau tor, at 07:19  

  • why a seaming wicket for todays game? BCCI politics is hurting Cricket and Indian Cricket

    By Blogger G285, at 08:21  

  • This is a good pitch...ideal for bowlers and batsmen, if they apply themselves. Indian batsmen are used to belters...unable to adjust to live tracks. Sending IP as an opener backfired...SRT out-of-form did not help either. VS wicket was crucial..did not move his feet...took a swing at good delivery...he should have stayed for more time.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 08:29  

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