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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quick interim thought

An interesting option, with those two wickets going down, would be to bring Bajji on against the two new batsmen -- and put a couple up close, and turn the screws a bit. Be interesting to see if RD goes for that option, or the safer one of sticking with his seamers


  • Instead of the now traditional use of supersub where you pick your supersub hoping that you will win the toss and use the supersub based on your decision, why not pick the supersub assuming that you will lose the toss. This will be useful mainly when the pitch and conditions are already favouring the team which is winning the toss. For example, Wednesday's match of India against South Africa had enough assistance to bowlers bowling first that even if Dravid had won the toss he would have opted to bowl first. Now instead of having Gautam Gambhir as supersub, if Dravid has had Murali Karthik as supersub, we would have had one bowler extra when India bowled. Now what would have happened when we had won the toss and bowled first, we would have had the best of the conditions - and so the lack of one bowler wouldnt have hurt us.

    The same way, for the second match where dew will play a factor, Dravid would like to bowl first - so, it would be interesting to see him have a bowler as a supersub. If he loses the toss, he will in probability need to bat first and the supersub will be handy in tough bowling conditions where an additional bowler would be handy. If he wins the toss, he should go ahead and bowl - and hope that he never need to use his supersub, since anyway he is going to bat in favorable conditions.. so he can as well have 5 bowlers and 6 batsmen - with a 6th bowler coming in, in case he loses the toss.

    Dravid had done this strategy in couple of matches against srilanka. Would be interesting to see if he repeats this now.

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