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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Round pegs in round holes

In DNA, Rahul Dravid comments on how things are going for his team. Significant soundbytes: On what kind of players a team needs:
“It’s very important in a team that you’ve got the right people in the squad, I mean people who are willing to challenge themselves to raise the bar and to become better players,” Dravid said on Thursday.

On the young ones:
“It’s nice to see they are delivering,” Dravid said. “But it’s a long road for the young kids. In international cricket, successes are judged by what you have done after a while when people have figured you out.”

And finally, on captaincy and related matters:
Dravid, who deputised whenever Ganguly was injured or suspended, said he was happy to be in charge.
“If you’re given the job, then it does help to get the message across, it does help from a team’s perspective,” he said. “The guys know who is in charge. These are still early days as captain and I’m learning along the way. It helps to have someone like Greg around. He’s done it before.”
Known as a soft-spoken guy, Dravid said he could be tough when required. “Sometimes you get portrayed as something and that’s what probably sticks with you,” he said.
“As a captain you’ve got to make some tough decisions. I’m sure there are different facets to my personality which people probably don’t know, don’t need to know.”


  • As a captain, RD does homework about opponent. He is a true professional, his attitude on and off the field rubbed off on team mates. If a proj manager is good as a person and technically, team mates respect that person more and do extra work. This is same with RD's captaincy.

    RD after close to decade of Intl cricket, still puts lot of effort on his batting, this tells us, if he continues as captain for next 4-5 yrs...he will show same sincerity and devotion to job.

    When RD retires, it will be a big void.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 20:08  

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